Olympic Games Unraveled

Lyssa Anderson has trained hard for the upcoming Olympics in figure skating. Despite the fierce competition, Lyssa has a good chance on winning. But when Lyssa witnesses cheating from a member from the rival country of Russia the first day of competition, Lyssa is faced with reporting it or letting it go. Will Lyssa report the incident or just let it go?

Chapter 1
Lyssa was listening to her iPod tuned to her favorite country station after a hard day of practice. She had been training the last four years to be in the upcoming Olympics on her way home.
When Lyssa got in the front door of her family’s modest 3-bedroom home, her mother handed her a letter.
“The letter.” Lyssa said excitedly as she ripped open the envelope to read the contents of the letter.
Skimming through the letter while Lyssa’s mother waited for the news, Lyssa finally smiled, “I’m headed to Moscow, Russia for the Olympics!”
“Oh baby, I’m so proud of you!” Lyssa’s mother hugged her daughter. “You worked so hard for it.”
Lyssa went up to her room to text her friend, Sonja Walker. She too, had trained to head to the Olympics with Lyssa, only Sonja’s sport was snowboarding.
“Sonja, I made it!” Lyssa exclaimed when she heard her friend’s voice.
“You made it to the Olympics?! In Moscow, Russia!” Sonja said half excited, half saddened.
“Yes. My mother handed me the letter when I came home from practice.”
“That’s great!” Sonja said excited for her friend, but Lyssa heard the sadness in her friend’s voice.
“What’s wrong, Sonja?”
“I didn’t make it.” Sonja sadly reported to her.
“I’m sorry. I so was hoping we’d be headed together?”
“Well, you’ll just have to keep a diary of your experience in Moscow.” Sonja told her friend.
“You know I will.”
“Well, have a good time, Lyssa.” Sonja said, wishing her friend well in the Olympics.
“Yeah. I will.” Lyssa told her, sad that she would now be going alone.
As Lyssa hung up with Sonja, she laid down on her bed to read and fell asleep within five minutes.


A Moral Decision

While making a quick trip to the store for some coffee, Andrew Michaels is standing line at the grocery store when someone comes up behind him and pulls out a gun and holds the entire store hostage. Will Andrew’s quick thinking save him and the rest of the hostages from the crazed gunman?

Chapter 1
“Andrew, we’re out of coffee and creamer.” Andrew’s wife, Jessie tells him. “Can you go get some real quick?”
“Sure, love.” Andrew said as he flew out the door and got in his Mazda Protégé. Andrew knew how desperately Jessie needed her morning coffee to start her day as daycare owner of 12 children in their home.
Andrew arrived at the store. It should have been a quick trip—coffee and creamer—he should have been in and out within minutes, but he was delayed when a crazed gunman came into the front of the store waving his gun.
“Alright!” the gunman yelled. “Everyone put up your hands!”
Everyone screamed in panic as they waved their hands in the air. The gunman grabbed a little old lady who was beyond scared. The manager is new and doesn’t know what to do.
Andrew, standing in the checkout line, is contemplating what he should and how to subdue the gunman so as to protect everyone in the store.
The gunman suddenly lets the little old lady go and grabs Andrew from the checkout lane and pulls him to the front of the store.
“Don’t do anything heroic, or I will shoot you!” the gunman warns.
Andrew isn’t scared, but he is looking for a way to defuse the hostage situation as checkers are putting the money from their tills into the bag that the gunman handed them.
Back at Andrew’s home, Jessie is getting worried that Andrew isn’t home with her coffee. She texts him but she gets no reply.
After getting baby Jillian out of her crib, Jessie turns on the television to find that there is a hostage situation at the store. She shrieks in terror when she sees that gunman has a gun pointed at Andrew’s back.

Chapter 2
Jessie, holding baby Jillian in her lap, is watching frantically as the crazed gunman makes his demands to the store managers.
The store managers frantically get what the gunman wants as fast as they can so there is no casualties.
15 minutes later, the gunman, still holding a gun to Andrew’s back, gets antsy and slips with his trigger finger as the gun goes off.
Andrew is shot in the back as the hostages all start to scream. The gunman, scared he’ll go down, runs from the store as police arrive on scene.
The manager informs the police what went down as a cashier calls from her cell to get dispatch the EMT.
Jessie, having witnessed her husband get shot during the hostage crisis, grabs Jillian, and after putting a “Closed for Emergency” sign on her front door to alert clients bring their children to the day care, gets in her Subaru Brat, after strapping Jillian in her car seat, and heads for the store where Andrew was shot.
After arriving on scene, Jessie watches as police try to bring the crisis under control as EMTs get Andrew inside the ambulance and to the hospital. Jessie stop one of the EMTs and asks about Andrew’s condition, who is promptly told to head to the hospital to wait for Andrew’s prognosis.
Getting back into her Brat, Jessie heads to the hospital and waits with Jillian for news on Andrew.

30 minutes later, a doctor comes out of the ER to alert Jessie that they are taking Andrew in for emergency surgery as the bullet is lodged in his chest.
Jessie’s mother arrives after having been called by Jessie, to the hospital and sits vigil waiting to hear about her son-in-law.
While waiting, a police officer comes over to Jessie and asks about Andrew. He tells her how much of a hero he was to take the place of the little old lady the gunman first took hostage.

A Most Precious Gift

Veronica James loved her job as a CNA where she worked at Paradise Hills Retirement Center in her hometown, Paradise Hills, California. She loved all the residents she worked for, but one in particular touched Veronica’s heart. When a resident takes a turn for the worse, it breaks Veronica’s heart. But when another CNA falsely reports Veronica of abuse of the resident, Veronica loses all hope and faith when she is dismissed from her job. Will the truth come out and save Veronica?

Chapter 1
Veronica James had been a CNA for 20 years and was as devoted to her residents as ever. She even won several Employee of the Month awards during her years at Paradise Hills Retirement Center. All the residents loved Veronica, but one resident in particular always looked forward to seeing Veronica come to work, Betsy Carlson—a 70-something lady in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
Veronica was running late when she arrived at Paradise Hills 30-minutes late. Betsy was worried for Veronica and was in a frenzy as other staff members tried to calm her down. Nothing worked until Veronica showed up on the floor, wondering what was going on.
“What’s going on?” Veronica asked when she came onto the scene at the nurse’s station, only to find Betsy worked up. But she seemed to calm down when she saw Veronica.
“Veronica, you’re here.” Betsy said, wiping her eyes.
“You know I’m always here for you.” Veronica said, trying to reassure Betsy.
“I’m sorry.” Betsy exclaimed as Veronica took her in her arms. “Can we go somewhere quiet? I need to talk to you.”
“Sure, Betsy.” Veronica told her.
Veronica wheeled Betsy to her favorite spot in the fountain in the courtyard of Paradise Hills. Betsy loved the serenity of the flowing water. It gave her peace to be able sit there in her wheelchair and she loved Veronica taking time to be there with her, despite her heavy workload. It showed how dedicated Veronica was to her job.
“Don’t leave me, Veronica.” Betsy pleaded with Veronica, as they sat outside the fountain.
“I won’t Betsy, but what’s really going on?”
“I got news from my doctor. He told me my Alzheimer’s is getting worse.”
“Oh, Betsy, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?”
“Just be there for me.”
“I will.” Veronica said, as she hugged Betsy. “You know I always will.”
“You’re the only one I have in this world.” Betsy told her.
“You have your children, Betsy.”
“They don’t come to see me anymore.” Betsy cried.
Veronica remembered that Betsy’s daughter, Cassandra, was just here last week. How could Betsy forget that? Then it hit her! Betsy’s illness was starting to get worse.
“Veronica, can you do something for me?” Betsy asked.
“Can we go fishing?’
“Fishing?” Veronica asked. “I don’t think the facility will allow me to do that?”
“Oh, please. I miss fishing with my family.”
“I’ll see what I can do.” Veronica said, not being very optimistic the facility would allow that.
“Thank you.” Betsy said. “It would really mean a lot to me.”
“It’s almost time for dinner. Shall we head inside for a bite to eat?” Veronica said as she pushed a piece of Betsy’s short black hair from her teary eyes.
Veronica wheeled Betsy back inside Paradise Hills and into the cafeteria-like dining room. Betsy felt at ease and felt hope that Veronica would come through for her and give her her request.

Chapter 2
It hit Veronica hard to see Betsy going through such a trying ordeal. Then it came to her: Betsy wanted to go fishing. Veronica went shopping and found a virtual reality game that would allow Betsy to “go fishing” anytime she wanted. It was almost like the real thing.

Veronica arrived at the Paradise Hills and showed the game to Betsy.
“Why did you bring me that?” Betsy said bitterly. “A game on fishing? I hate fishing!”
“But Betsy, the other day-“ Veronica started to say but stopped short knowing it wouldn’t help to remind Betsy.
“Okay, I’ll just leave it here and let you visit with your daughter.” Veronica told Betsy before leaving Betsy’s room, to check on other residents.

An hour later, Veronica went to answer Betsy’s call light.
“I wish my family would visit more?! Don’t they care anymore?!”
Veronica just tried to reassure Betsy, knowing that telling Betsy that her daughter was here an hour ago wouldn’t help matters.
“Do you need a snack or something, Betsy?” Veronica asked Betsy hoping to take her mind off her troubles.
“No, I need to go to the bathroom!” Betsy said harshly. “My call light has been on for an hour and no one came!”
“Okay, let’s go, Betsy.” Veronica said to Betsy, knowing she answered Betsy’s call light right away.
As soon as Veronica helped Betsy with her activities of daily living (ADLs), she helped Betsy lay down in her bed to take a rest until dinner time. Sylvia, another CNA came in to take Betsy’s vital signs as Veronica was leaving Betsy’s room. But Veronica heard Betsy yell out in pain as the blood pressure cuff tightened around her arm.
Veronica peeked inside Betsy’s door while Sylvia spoke harshly to Betsy.
“Betsy, please, relax so I can get your vitals!” she told her impatiently.
“Get that thing off my arm!” Betsy said as she ripped the blood pressure cuff from around her arm and trying to get up but Sylvia shoved her back on the bed.
“Betsy, please, just lay down and relax.” Sylvia yelled at her and slapped Betsy across the face.
Stung by the harsh treatment inflicted on her, Betsy lay still fearing for her life.
Veronica was appalled by what she just saw Sylvia do. She was just about to report it to the Patti, the director of nurses (DON) when Sylvia came rushing out of Betsy’s room, suddenly aware that Veronica had witnessed the whole incident.
“Veronica!” Sylvia yelled after her.
“What do you want, Sylvia?”
“Don’t think you’re gonna tell on me!”
“You struck a resident, Sylvia! That’s abuse and I have to report it!”
“You’re going to be sorry if you do Veronica!”
Sylvia saw her chance to keep Veronica from reporting her.
“Oh, Veronica, could you check on Mrs. Campbell. She needed a change and she wouldn’t let me do it.”
“Yes, Sylvia.” Veronica said sweetly.
As soon as Veronica headed for Mrs. Campbell’s room, Sylvia headed straight for Patti’s office.
“Patti, I need to talk to you.”
“Yes, Sylvia, what is it?” Pattie asked.
“I don’t know how to say this, but I just witnessed something bad.” Sylvia told her.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know how to say this, but I think I just witnessed Veronica hit and shove Betsy and she harshly yelled at her.” Sylvia told Patti.
“Okay, I will handle this, Sylvia. Don’t tell anyone what you have just said.”
“Yes, than you.” Sylvia said with a sly smile on her face after leaving Patti’s office. “Good luck, Veronica. You’re going to need it!”

Chapter 3
Veronica was called into the D.O.N.’s (Director of Nursing) to answer some questions.
“Veronica, I know you are a good CNA, but I’ve got a complaint that you’ve been abusive with a resident?” the D.O.N. informed Veronica.
“Abuse? Are you kidding me?” Veronica said flabbergasted. She knew who did this. Sylvia. The CNA who abused Betsy while taking her vitals. “I don’t understand? Who is it I’m supposed to have abused?”
“I’m not at liberty to say since we’re investigating the case.” The D.O.N. explained to her. “I am putting you on suspension pending investigation. If the allegations are false, you’ll be back to work. If you’re found guilty, you’ll be terminated and lose your CNA certification.”
Veronica couldn’t believe that she was being accused of abuse? She had been a loyal employee for 5 years and she was on the verge of losing her job because another CNA reported her own abuse and accused her of her own crime.
As Veronica walked out of the D.O.N.’s office, she could see Sylvia looking sullen. But Sylvia was thinking to herself, “See what you get when you go behind my back, Veronica? Let’s see you get out of this one, bitch?”
Now that Sylvia had brought Veronica to her knees, she was the head honcho of CNAs. Veronica wouldn’t be able to rule the roust any longer.
But Veronica intended to oust Sylvia as the one who abused Betsy Carlson and frame her for the crime. Sylvia wouldn’t know what hit her!
When Veronica got home, she decided to use the time off work to do her own investigating. And she was going to start with looking into Sylvia’s past.

Chapter 4
While Veronica was on suspension, Betsy Carlson took a turn for the worse and was on life support and dying. When Sylvia came into check on her, Betsy whispered to Sylvia that she wanted to see Veronica.
Kneeling over the bed, Sylvia whispered into Betsy’s ear, “Veronica doesn’t work here no more. You only have me now.”
In Betsy’s delirium, she cried, longing for Veronica’s gentle touch. Sylvia didn’t care to hear Betsy whining and decided to put an end to Betsy’s pain, first making sure no one saw her, flipped the switch on the life support machine. As Betsy coded, Sylvia called out “code blue” as the floor nurse rushed in to see what was happening.
“Sylvia, I see you were first on the scene? Why didn’t you administer CPR?” the nurse asked.
“Gee, I’m sorry, I thought she was a no-code?” Sylvia defended her actions, knowing full well Betsy Carlson was a full-code.
“No, Sylvia, Mrs. Carlson is full-code.” The nurse reprimanded her.” “It’s even on the name plate outside her door. Don’t you ever notice the color-coded stickers outside the residents room.”
“I’m forgot.” Sylvia cried.
“Well, because you didn’t begin CPR, Mrs. Carlson is dead. I pronounce the resident dead at 3:47 p.m.” the nurse said, as the D.O.N. came into Betsy’s room.
“I’m sorry I’m late. How is Mrs. Carlson?” the D.O.N. asked.
“She’s dead. And Sylvia neglected to administer CPR which may have saved her life.”
“I thought she was a no-code.” Sylvia continued to repeat.
“Well, begin post-mortem care and I’ll call the mortuary to pick up the body.”
As Sylvia began post-mortem care on Betsy, she smiled slyly knowing Veronica would be the one in trouble for the death of Betsy Carlson. She intended to make sure Betsy Carlson died from the abuse that Veronica did.

Chapter 5
Veronica was still sleeping the next morning, when she received a call from the nursing center.
“Maybe they found out I’m innocent and I can resume work.” Veronica said to herself before answering the cell. “Hello?”
“Veronica, I’m sorry but the resident in question has died and you’re being terminated immediately. You won’t be returning to work. I’d get a lawyer, because now the charge will be for murder.” The D.O.N. informed Veronica.
Veronica dropped her cell as the D.O.N. hung up. Murder. She was being charged with murder. She would never work there again. If found guilty, she would be going to prison.
She had to get the proof that Sylvia did this.
Veronica opened up her laptop and typed in Sylvia’s name in the search bar of her browser.
What came up blew Veronica away……

The Dream

Cissy Richards and her two BFFs (Catrinka Stamfield and Quinn Travers) pull off a scam to steal $10 million dollars from a Vegas Casino. Despite their tracks being covered with no way to trace them after they have escaped to Sydney, Australia, Cissy still has an unsettling feeling. Her BFFS tell her to relax, then one night Cissy has a dream that will change everything!

Chapter 1
The Vegas Hotel and Casino was in crisis! Three masked figures just robbed the bank of $10 millions dollars! And the three mysterious figures managed to get away without being caught! Police were on the hunt for the three figures, but they came up empty handed. They simply were nowhere to be found!
As the casino officials scrambled to find a way to recover the cash that was stolen from their customers, Cissy Richards and her two BFFs, Catrinka Stamfield and Quinn Travers had booked a flight to Sydney, Australia.
“OMG! I can’t believe we managed to pull it off!’ Quinn exclaimed.
“Quinn, will you hush! You’re going to blow it!” Cissy told her.
“You’re right!” Quinn agreed as she piped down. It was the last thing she wanted—to be discovered as a thief.
But as Catrinka and Quinn settled into their seats enjoying the long flight with some much needed sleep, Cissy had an uneasy feeling that all was going to be found out.
“Excuse me, ma’am.” The flight attendant said to Cissy. “Could you come with me?”
“Is something wrong?” Cissy asked the flight attendant.
“You should talk with the officer aboard.” The flight attendant told Cissy.
Cissy did as the flight attendant told and followed her to the back of the plane where an officer was waiting for her.
“Ma’am, we need to ask you some questions.”
“What do you want to know?” Cissy asked want to be of help.
“I need to know where you put the money?”
“I’m sorry? Money? What money?”
“The $10 million dollars you robbed from The Vegas Casino & Hotel!” the officer demanded to know.
“Um…um…I don’t know what you are talking about?” Cissy stammered, knowing full well the officer was talking about the money they had took. But how did they find them. Their was supposed to be foolproof?”
“We have proof that you and your two friends robbed the casino and I’m here to have the three of you arrested.” The officer said as he put handcuffs on Cissy. “Miss, bring those other two back here to face their punishment!”
“Nooooooo!” Cissy said out loud as she awoke from her dream to find that the plane was landing in Sydney, Australia.

The Challenge


Megan Winters office was holding a challenge to improve the health at the office—and the winner would win a free trip to the Bahamas. The final day arrives and it’s between her and Tasha Givens, the suck-up at the office. When Megan comes across Tasha’s secret as to why she always wins, what will Megan do to make sure she wins?


Megan Winters didn’t think she could even do it. Take the challenge at the office. Her company was doing a Healthy Steps Challenge to improve the health of its employees. And the winner got a trip to the Bahamas. She’d always wanted to go to the Bahamas. It was her dream trip of a lifetime. And she intended to win.

Megan worked hard and used every means possible to walk instead of ride or drive. She even got a pedometer to measure her steps so she could record them.

The final day came and it was Megan and another employee, Tasha Givens. She was a suck-up and always made sure the boss knew exactly what she was doing. She won every promotion and contest ever at the office. Megan couldn’t stand it if Tasha won this time because she sucked up to the boss to win.

This contest had to be fair. No sucking up to the boss to win. Megan confronted Tasha about her behavior at every promotion and contest and naturally, she denied sucking up. Declared that she won fair and square.

That is, until Megan was in the employee restroom in a stall, when she heard Tasha discussing the latest with another employee, Camryn.

“Cam, you have to keep this secret.” Tasha told Camryn.

“What?” Camryn said. “My lips are sealed.”

“I have this challenge in the palm of my hands.” Tasha said.

“You mean, you will be taking the most steps?”

“No, I will be winning regardless of the steps I take.”

“Huh? I don’t understand?” Camryn said, confused.

“I’m sleeping with the boss. And he assured me I will win, no matter what?”

“No way! You’re sleeping with the boss?”

“Yes. How else do you think I win everything!” Tasha revealed to Camryn. “Promise, you won’t say anything?”

“My lips are sealed.”

As Tasha and Camryn walked out of the restroom, Megan couldn’t believe what she heard. Good thing she was in the stall when Tasha and Camryn were talking. Now she was more determined than ever to win this contest……

Chapter 1

Megan couldn’t believe that Tasha was sleeping with the boss to get what she wants. It just wasn’t fair to the other employees who work so hard, only to lose to the boss’s whatever-you-call-her-girlfriend. Well, one thing was for certain—Megan intended to blow the boss and Tasha out of the water.
Megan saw Candy, the receptionist walking in the hallway.
“Hey, Candy what are you up to?”
“10,000 steps so far.” Candy said proudly.
“Wow. Great job.” Megan exclaimed. She had better buck up. She was only at 5,000. Megan couldn’t help but feel sad. No matter who actually won, Tasha would automatically win? Because the boss would make sure she won? That was so not right!
Well, Megan intended to make sure the true winner won and squash Tasha and the boss!

The First Day of School

Kirby Yale is a first-year med student on her first day of college. She so desperately wants to make a good impression on the professor and her classmates. But all she does is make a fool of herself by answering all the questions the professor asks. Her classmates all start thinking of her as the teacher’s pet who is only trying to get ahead. When accusations come out that Kirby is sleeping with the professor for good grades, will it result in expulsion? Can Kirby set the record straight or will her reputation be tarnished forever?

Chapter 1
Kirby was late for her first day of school because she didn’t hear her alarm ring. It all started when her bestie, Eryn Chambers, convinced her to go partying the night before. Against her better judgment, Kirby agreed because she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Eryn. They’ve known each other since kindergarten. How could she turn her down?
Kirby pulled into the university parking lot and found a parking space on the other side of the campus from her first class, anatomy class. She was 15 minutes late for class when she arrived for the lecture.
“Well, Miss, have a seat. Glad you could join us.” Prof. Anderson said to Kirby when she came into class as quietly as she could. She hoped no one would notice her coming in.
As Kirby found her way to the last seat at the front of room, she tripped on a fellow classmates’ foot that was sticking out in the aisle.
“I’m so sorry!” the classmate snickered as Kirby managed to compose herself and get to the empty seat.
“Well, young lady, are you finished disrupting my class?” Prof. Anderson asked Kirby.
“Yes, sir.” Kirby politely said.
“Very well, then. Let’s have no more interruptions.”
When Prof. Anderson asked the class a question, no one raised a hand to reply, so he called on Kirby.
“Young lady, what is your name?”
“Kirby. Kirby Yale.” Kirby replied.

“Miss Yale, can you give me answer to my question?”
Kirby answered the question perfectly. So perfectly, the rest of the class looked at her as if she were fake. Like she wanted to impress the instructor.
It was from that moment on, that Kirby would have a hard time in her anatomy class.
When Kirby was leaving after class ended, she could hear whispers from the other students, “Well if isn’t Miss Know-It-All!” and “What makes her so special?!”
She went home after class nearly in tears and cried for almost an hour. She wondered how she was going to get through the semester with classmates like that?

Chapter 2
The next day, Kirby arrived at class hopeful for a better day, but a blonde classmate stopped her in the hall.
“Hey! Miss Know-It-All!” she yelled out at Kirby.
Kirby continued on her way to class hoping not to start trouble, but it only infuriated the blonde.
“Well, Miss Know-It-All thinks she can ignore me!” the blonde said heatedly. “Well, I get her back!”
Kirby sat down at a seat in her anatomy class hoping to hide from her troublesome classmates. But it seemed Prof. Anderson only perpetuated the situation when he called on Kirby for answers.
After class, Kirby went up to Prof. Anderson’s desk and had a talk with him.
“Prof. Anderson?” Kirby asked.
“Well, Kirby.” Prof. Anderson greeted her.
“Can I talk with you?”
“Sure, what seems to be the problem?”
“I wanted to discuss today’s lecture?” Kirby lied because she didn’t want to cause an issue with him calling on her that day.
“Well, what is it you didn’t understand?”
“Most of it.” Kirby continued to lie.
“Have a seat next to me and I’ll see if I can help you understand better.” Prof. Anderson said, pulling up a chair so Kirby could sit next to him.
While Prof. Kirby was helping Kirby with the day’s lesson, the blonde classmate saw what was going on and got the wrong impression of the situation. She left the classroom to find her friends.
“Hey, Jessie, you won’t believe who I saw Prof. Anderson with?” said the blonde classmate, who’s name is Kerrie.
“Who, Kerrie?” Jessie said, as Lisa Walters joined in.
“That Kirby Yale!” Kerrie said disgustedly at the thought.
“What were they doing?” Lisa asked with Jessie nodding, wanting to know what Kerrie saw.
“They were kissing.” Kerrie exclaimed.
“What?!” Jessie and Lisa exclaimed in shocked amazement.
“Yeah! Kirby Yale must be one of those hot shot students who sleeps with the teacher to get good grades!” Kerrie assumed.
“Well, we must keep a watch on Kirby Yale.” Jessie told her friends. “We can’t have Miss Know-It-All getting away with this behavior.”
“Yes!” the three girls nodded in agreement, shaking their hands. “We must keep a watch on Kirby Yale.”
Meanwhile, back at Prof. Anderson’s class…..
“Well, thank you Prof. Anderson for the clarification on today’s lesson.” Kirby said as she picked up her bag and stuffed her books into it.
“You’re welcome, Kirby. It was my pleasure to help you.”
Kirby went back to her dorm satisfied that things were going to finally go well, unbeknownst to her the rumor that was starting about her.

The Caller

Jared Quentin is a local disc jockey with his own morning radio program. Every morning he takes calls from commuters to discuss music and celebrity gossip. Until one day he gets a call from a caller who demands he play every song performed by Air Supply or she will jump off the top of the building. The challenge is that the radio station has to play every song in 24 hours. Can Jared do it in time to prevent the caller from jumping off the building?

Chapter 1
Jared Quentin arrives at the local radio station ready to do his job as disc jockey for his morning radio program. He is getting bored by the usual callers asking him about the usual celebrity gossip. This goes on for 20 minutes. And Jared is falling asleep on his callers.
Until, one caller calls in with an unusual request…….
“Caller, you’re on the air.” Jared tells the caller.
“I have a request for you.” the caller says.
“What is it?” Jared perks up, curious as to the callers request.
“I want you to play every song by Air Supply in 24 hours.” The caller demands.
“That sounds easy.” Jared says.
“There’s one catch.”
“What’s that?”
“If you don’t succeed…….”
“What happens if I don’t succeed?” Jared wonders.
“I will jump from the top of your building.”
Jared’s jaw drop, “Well, I will make sure I meet this challenge.”
“Okay.” The caller says. “I’ll be listening all day.”
The caller hangs up and Jared asks his assistant for every record by Air Supply.
“Okay listeners, there you have it. We have a challenge. Can we play every song recorded by Air Supply in 24 hours before the caller jumps from the top of our building?”
Jaren puts the first record on the turntable, “Here you go listeners with the first Air Supply song, ‘Making Love Out of Nothing at All.’”

Chapter 2

Jared put on the first album by Air Supply, “Now and Forever” playing the following songs: “Now and Forever”, “Even the Nights Are Better”, “Young Love”, “Two Less Lonely People in the World”, “Taking the Chance”, “Come What May”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “She Never Heard Me Call”, and “What Kind of Girl”.
While the first album was playing, the caller called and thanked Jared for making the attempt to do what she asked.
Jared just hoped he could get more albums of Air Supply, because he only had one more. Staff was out searching for albums by Air Supply.
Even Heather, the receptionist, got into the groove and helped out.

As Jared put on the last album, “Hearts in Motion” with the songs: “It’s Not Too Late”, “Lonely Is the Night”, “Put Love In Your Life”, “One More Chance”, “Stars In Your Eyes”, “My Heart’s With You”, “I’d Die For You”, “You’re Only In Love”, “Time For Love”, Heart & Soul”, and “Hope Springs Eternal”, Heather and the station manager, Edward, came in with a few more albums to play.
“Thanks guys.” Jared said to Heather and Edward, as he took the albums from them.
“You’re welcome, Jared. We want you to succeed in this mission.”
After Jared got the albums, Heather went into the little girls’ room at the radio station to make a call…..