Vampire Killer Chronicles


Kyra decided to retire early so she could get some rest before she started her new job in the morning as personal assistant to billionaire Jedidiah Worthington. This new job promised to give her the exposure that she wanted as freelance publicist and to show the world her independence. But instead, the news came on with a special report: VAMPIRES AT THE WHITE HOUSE! Kyra listened to the report, but somehow didn’t believe it. How could there be vampires at the White House?, she thought. But there it was on national television for the whole country to see. The report claimed that our President and his family had been bitten by a plague of vampires.

Suddenly, Kyra jumped at the sound of her ringing cell. She missed the call because she dropped her cell as she was trying to answer it. She went into her missed calls to see who it was and it was her new boss, Jedidiah. She scrolled down to his number and pushed send to see what her boss wanted.

Jedidiah picked up on the first ring, “Hello.”

“Jedidiah, it’s Kyra. I was returning your call?’

“Yes, Kyra. I was calling you to let you know that you have the next flight to Washington D.C. in an hour. I want you in Washington to cover this story.”

“Do you really think this is true, Jed?”

“I don’t know, Kyra, but you better get there yesterday!”

“Okay, Boss. I’ll get a bag packed and head to the airport.”

Kyra hung up her cell and got a few things in her suitcase so she could be on the flight. She still could not believe there were vampires at the White House.


Kyra was just getting into her seat on the plane when a good-looking gentleman came up and asked if he could sit with her even though there were plenty of other seats still left on the plane. Reluctantly, Kyra said yes. The gentleman immediately sat down in the seat next to her. The good-looking stranger couldn’t take his eyes off her. He noticed her the minute he saw her at the ticket counter before she got on the flight. Her beauty urged him to buy a last-minute ticket wherever she was headed.

“Hello, Beauty, the names Jared. May I just call you Beauty?”

Disgusted, Kyra replied back, “No sir, my name is Kyra.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you, but you’re so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off you. I even bought a last-minute ticket the minute I saw you at the ticket counter.”

“Do you always buy last-minute tickets for flights whenever you see a beautiful girl?” Kyra asked, not believing the line he just pulled on her.

“First time I’ve ever done this…honest. I’m shocked I even did it.”

“Well, I’m going nowhere special. Just meeting my boss in Washington D.C. Something about vampires.”

“Oh, really?”

Jared starts to feel his fangs forming inside his mouth and tries to suppress them from coming out. When he fails to do so, he immediately excuses himself and runs to the restroom. Kyra is mystified by this stranger’s behavior, but shrugs it off.


Later, that night, after Kyra got settled into her motel in Washington D.C., she walks to the diner named “Candie’s” just a few doors down from her motel. She orders a BLT sandwich with fries, a 7-UP, and some ketchup for her fries. The server comes out with her order and asks her if there is anything else she can get her. Kyra tells her she is fine. All Kyra wants to do is eat dinner and go back to the motel.

Kyra gets back to the motel, opens up the blankets of her bed, then goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Kyra is bushed and just wants to get some sleep so she can talk with her boss in the morning.

As Kyra falls fast asleep, she has a disturbing dream about her grandmother, Sukie. She tells her not to go to her boss in the morning. He has been bitten by the vampires and is now one of them. Instead, she tells her to find a gentleman named Gerald Thomas. He has been looking for her and will explain everything when she finds him. Then, suddenly, with a jolt, Kyra awakens from her dream.

Kyra realizes it is morning and remembers what her grandmother told her about not meeting with her boss because he is now one of them. Instead she checks the phone listing for the name of the man her grandmother mentioned in her dream. She found one in the listing and dialed the number. A man’s voice answered.


“Yes, is this Gerald Thomas?”

“Yes, it is. Who’s calling?”

“My name is Kyra and this probably going to sound strange, but I was asked to contact you.”

“Is this Kyra Levine?”


“Kyra, yes. I’ve been looking for you for years.”

“Yes, that’s what my grandmother told me.”

“Well, where can I pick you up?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

“Where can I pick you up so we can get started on your training?”

“My training?”

“Yes, I’m what they call ‘The Watcher,’ and you, Kyra, are the next vampire slayer.”

“The next what?”

“Yes, I’m supposed to train you to be the next vampire slayer.”

Gerald hears a loud thump on the other end of the line as Kyra faints and falls.

A few minutes later, Kyra wakes up to hear Gerald shouting from the other end of the phone line.

“Kyra, are you okay?”

“Gerald, are you still there?” as Kyra picks up her cell.

“What happened?”

“I guess I fainted. The last thing I remember is you telling me I need to start my training as the next vampire slayer. Is that right?”

“Yes, Kyra. You are the next vampire slayer, and we need to get to work on your training so you can banish these creatures back to hell where they came from.”

Kyra tells Gerald the name of the motel she is staying at and he tells her to be packed by the time he arrives. Gerald is there within 20 minutes and he gets her into his car and they drive to his estate, shows her to her room, tells her to get settled so they can get started on her training. Kyra can’t believe that she is the next vampire slayer, so she does an internet search and finds out that she comes from a long line of vampire slayers where the women in her family have been trained to slay vampires, the last one being her own mother.


Kyra can’t believe that her mother was a vampire slayer. She remembered that her mother died about five years ago, but no one really ever told her how she died, however, her father did mention that her mother had died in a freak car accident. She opened her laptop and googled her mother’s name. She hit pay-dirt with the first listing with an article by Jerry Smithers, writing about her mother’s death. There it was in black in white, “Vampire Slayer, Tasha Levine, Killed by Vampires!” She was shocked to read the article.

Kyra couldn’t sleep. All she could do was think about how her mother really died. Finally, after mulling it over for an hour, Kyra fell asleep. She was in a heavy dream, recalling the events of how her mother died. In the dream, Tasha was fighting with Vampire head honcho, Jared LeBlanc. Tasha seemed to have the edge over Jared, and was about to slay him, when Jared pulled a fast one on her and turned the spike on Tasha. Tasha died immediately. When Kyra saw how her mother had died, she awakened right away.

Kyra was still asleep when she was awakened by a loud rap on her bedroom door. She jumped out of bed, and wrapped a robe around her, then walked to bedroom door and opened it. It was Gerald.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I thought we should get started on your training.” Gerald walked into her room as soon as Kyra opened the door.

“No, Mr. Thomas, it’s okay.”

“Please, call me Gerald. After all, we will be working closely together.”

“Yes, Mr., er, Gerald. I had a rough night last night.”

“Oh! You didn’t have a dream about your mother, did you?”

“How did you know?”

“I was walking by your door last night, and I heard you cry out. I knew that you must be dreaming about your mother.”

“I never knew she was a vampire slayer. I was told she died in a car accident.”

“Yes, your father and I thought it would be best at the time if you weren’t told of the real details of your mother’s death. After your mother’s death, your father was so depressed that he took you away. That’s when I lost touch with you. I knew one day I would have to train you to be the next vampire slayer, and your father wanted you to have nothing to do with it, so he took you far away from Washington D.C.”

“Dad knew?”

“Yes, he did. That’s why I couldn’t find you. It’s taken me five years to find you. We need to act fast. The vampires at the White House have taken over the President’s family and turned them into vampires.”

And so, Kyra and Gerald began immediately to train her for her job as vampire slayer. She couldn’t believe that her father knew the truth about her mother’s death and he never told her. She would have to have a talk with him soon about it. For now, she had to train to fight vampires.


Gerald woke Kyra up the next morning around 10 with a special breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast with jam and butter and some milk to wash it down. Kyra had a busy night training for her job as vampire slayer and had work really hard the night before, so Gerald thought it best to let Kyra sleep a little longer in the morning.

“Good morning!” Gerald exclaimed, coming in Kyra’s bedroom with her breakfast.

Rubbing her eyes, “What time is it?”

“it’s 10 a.m. I thought I’d let you sleep a while longer. You worked so hard with your training. I thought you needed some extra rest.”

“What’s this?” Kyra asked, sounding surprised as Gerald placed the tray of eggs, bacon, toast and milk over her lap.

“I made you some breakfast. I thought you might like some breakfast in bed before you got a shower and got ready for the day.”

“Thank you, Gerald. You didn’t have to do that.”

“Well, I’ll let you eat and finish getting ready. Then we’ll get started on today’s training.” Gerald said as he left Kyra to eat her breakfast.

After Kyra finished eating Gerald’s wonderful breakfast, she grabbed her favorite pink blouse and gray skirt, some underclothes, pink socks, and her favorite sandals, she went down the hall to shower before starting her training. She had just finished showering as was getting out of the shower, when Gerald frantically knocked on the bathroom door. Kyra wrapped her bath towel around her and opened the door.

“What’s wrong, Gerald?”

“Get dressed quickly! There’s no time to do anymore training! You’ll have to make good on what I’ve taught you so far!” Gerald explained.

“What happened?”

“We have trouble at Smithsonian? Jared LeBlanc and his evil crew of vampires have just attacked and bitten more innocent victims.”

“I’ll get dressed and be down quickly.”

“I’ll see you in the car in a few minutes. Hurry! We have no time to waste.”

Kyra dresses quickly in the clothes she picked out earlier. She wished she had more time to practice her skills, but I guess Jared LeBlanc had other plans in mind. She would just have to remember what Gerald trained her and hope for the best. She wasn’t sure she could take this on, but Gerald seemed to have faith in her abilities. She just hoped he was right.


When Kyra got to the Smithsonian, Jared had already left a bloody trail of victims lying everywhere inside and outside the Smithsonian. Kyra went on a rampage looking for Jared. She shuddered as she saw body after body while looking for Jared. Just as it looked as if Jared was nowhere to be found, she hears Gerald calling for her. She turns around and finds Jared holding Gerald by the neck just about to bite him in the neck. Enraged, Kyra runs towards Jared but misses as he dodges her and she runs straight into the wall of the north side of the Smithsonian.

By this time, Jared is turned onto Kyra’s feistiness and engages in some head games with her.

“So, Kyra, why don’t you come over to the dark side.” Jared taunts her.

“I’d rather spit nails.” Kyra spits back.

“Oh, c’mon! It’s not that bad. Just think about it; eternal life. Doesn’t living forever mean something to you?” Jared question Kyra.

“Yes, it does. It means your one sick vampire and I don’t want no part of your world.”

“Well, too late, my dear. You’re already part of it.”

“What do you mean?” Kyra asked Jared, puzzled.

“I mean, you’re the vampire slayer. It’s your duty to slay vampires. You can’t rest ‘til every last one of us are dead.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Well, Kyra——-do your job and come and get me.” Jared taunted her.

And just as Kyra was about to swing her mother’s sword at him, Jared disappeared, leaving Kyra alone. She ran over to Gerald who was okay, but dazed from loss of blood where Jared b it him. Kyra panicked when she saw the hole in his neck. Gerald reassured her he was okay. That Jared only sucked just enough to make him pass out. It was right here at this moment that Kyra vowed vengeance on Jared and his gang of vampires.


Jared was met by his legion of vampires after he left mysteriously disappeared and left Kyra and Gerald.

“Why didn’t you kill this Kyra?” The legion asked Jared.

“Would you believe that I enjoy taunting her?” Jared answered them with a question.

“You said you would take her out tonight!” The other vampires were getting mad at Jared’s sloppiness. “You took out her grandmother and her mother. Why is it so hard for you to take out Krya?”

“She outsmarted me.” Jared lied. “As soon as I saw she was going to swing that sword at me, I knew I as done in. The only thing I could do was was disappear mysteriously.”

“Well, I guess we’ll let it go this time.” The legion told him. “Don’t let it happen again.”

They left Jared to himself. Jared couldn’t believe he let Kyra get the best of him. He enjoyed taunting her. He never taunted any slayer the way he enjoyed taunting Kyra. The other slayers he’s killed were easy prey. But Kyra, he should have been able to kill her. But something kept inside him kept him from doing so. Jared knew that if faced with the possibility of killing Kyra, he knew deep in his heart, he would fail again.


Kyra was training really hard now. She couldn’t believe that Jared pulled a fast one and disappeared right before her eyes. She would win, Kyra told herself. She would kill Jared to avenge her mother’s and her grandmother’s deaths. She would make sure of it. Jared would die at her hands, or sword.

Chapter 8

Kyra was training vigorously with Gerald when she got an unexpected visitor. Gerald’s butler, James, came downstairs to the basement and knocked on the door to Gerald’s gym.

“Sir, Miss Kyra has a visitor.” James says, opening the door to the gym.

“Who is it, James?” Gerald asks. “We’re a little busy right now.”

“It’s Miss Kyra’s father.”

Seeing the shocked look on Kyra’s face, Gerald covers, “James, have him wait upstairs for her.”

“Okay.” James goes back upstairs and informs Mr. Levine to have a seat in the sitting room where Miss Kyra will join him shortly.

Kyra has wanted to speak with her father ever since she found out the truth about her mother’s death. But she was afraid of confronting him with the truth. Kyra always thought of her relationship with her father to be fairly close, but ever since the truth came out, Kyra felt estranged from him.

Gerald helped Kyra contain her composure enough to be able to confront her father. As soon as she felt in control, Kyra headed upstairs to finally confront her father.

“Hello, Daddy.” Kyra said as soon as she got upstairs to the sitting room.

“Kyra, darling.” her father said, when he saw her for the first time in years. “Sweetheart, I heard the news and I knew I had to come see you.”

“Daddy, why did you lie about mother’s death?” Kyra asked.

“I-I-I-I don’t know?” Mr. Levine stammered. “I was afraid, I guess.”

“Didn’t you think I could handle the truth?” Kyra asked.

“Kyra, darling. You have to understand. I never cared for your mother’s job as slayer. I always had a fear of losing her and when it came true and Jared killed her. . . . . “

“Daddy, I understand. I just wish you could have trusted me with the truth.” Kyra told him.

“Darling, I had just lost your mother. I couldn’t lose you too. I knew that with your mother’s death, Gerald would be by to take you away and teach you your slayer duties. So I took you far away so Gerald wouldn’t find you.”

Kyra just went over and hugged her father. They both held each other for several minutes.

“I know now that I was wrong. If I had just let Gerald do his job and train you, Jared would never have been able to wreak his havoc on the White House.”

“Oh Daddy. It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known.” Kyra said, giving him another hug.

Gerald had just come into the sitting room with some tea and his mother’s home-made scones. “Kyra’s right, Mr. Levine. I don’t blame you for what you did. If faced with the similar situation, I probably would have done the same thing.”

“Thank you, Gerald.” Mr. Levine said, feeling a little better.

They all enjoyed the tea and scones, getting better acquainted since the death of Kyra’s mother.

Back at Jared’s coffin in his family’s mausoleum, Jared is lying his coffin trying to come up with his next plan and somehow convince his vampire minions not to kill Kyra. He had to get over this obsession with Kyra. He didn’t know what it was, but he enjoyed taunting Kyra. She brought something out in him. He loved the thrill of taunting Kyra. Killing her was wrong. He was suddenly afraid of his legion of vampires. They wanted Kyra dead, but Jared didn’t. He had to somehow convince the legion that killing Kyra was no longer the plan. It wouldn’t be easy, but somehow he had to convince them.

Chapter 9

Jared’s POV:

Jared held a meeting in his lair in order to convince his minions how important it was not to kill Kyra without revealing his secret: that he was in love with her, just like he was in love with her mother. Jared never wanted Kyra’s mother dead, but his vampire minions led a revolt and killed Tasha when Jared failed to do so.

Tasha wasn’t killed in a car accident as everyone was led to believe.

As hard as it was to fight his growing feelings for Kyra, he could no longer deny them. But he knew he could never have her, for if he did, the truth might come out about what really happened to her mother. And Jared couldn’t risk Kyra hating him forever.

Jared did manage to convince his minions not to kill Kyra. . .or so Jared thought. . .

Jared’s minions held a meeting without him. They all felt it was time to make Jared step down from lead vampire. He was getting sloppy in his work since Kyra Levine came into the picture. It was happening all over again. The vampires knew they had to kill Kyra in order for their kind to survive and Jared was once again, in the way. The vampire minions had to do away with Krya.

Back at Gerald’s house, Kyra was enjoying some bonding time with her father before he had to go back home, when Gerald interrupted them.

“Kyra, I’m sorry to interrupt your last few moments with your father before he leaves. . .” Gerald apologized. “. . .but I’m afraid we need to be going.”

“What is it, Gerald?” Kyra asked.

“There’s trouble at the mall in Washington, D.C.” Gerald told her. “Vampires have began wreaking havoc on shoppers.”

“Jared is behind this.” Kyra said. “I’ll bet my life on it! I’m sorry, Daddy, but it looks as if I have to go.”

“Don’t apologize, darling.” Mr. Levine told his daughter.

As Mr. Levine kissed his daughter good-bye, Kyra grabbed her slayer tools and left with Gerald in his car, heading to the shopping mall to stop Jared and the vampires from killing innocent shoppers.

When Gerald and Kyra arrived at the shopping mall, Kyra was surprised to see that Jared was on where in sight. She wondered what he was up to when she couldn’t find Jared. She knew Jared was behind this mess but Kyra was about to get the shock of her life.

Chapter 10

As Kyra jumped in and fought the vampire minions, who were hell bent on killing her, Kyra kept wondering where Jared was. It wasn’t like him not to be involved in this. Something was up with Jared, but Kyra couldn’t figure out what it was.

Kyra managed to kill off the vampires, all but one: the mastermind behind the shopping mall battle meant to draw out Kyra so he could kill Kyra, the one who wanted her dead because Jared failed in getting rid of Kyra.

As Kyra was battling with the mastermind, Seamus, she heard Gerald scream. When she turned her head, Kyra was surprised to find Jared holding Gerald, with his fangs against his neck.

“Seamus, back away.” Jared ordered.

“What are you going to do, Jared?” Seamus mocked him. “Kill him?”

“Just let Kyra go, or I will kill this man!”

“Yeah, right, Jared!” Seamus laughed. “You failed to kill Kyra like we wanted! What makes me think you will kill him?”

“I had my reasons for not killing Kyra!”

“You’re in love with Kyra!” Seamus revealed. “Just like her mother!”

“That’s not true!” Jared lied, trying to deny the truth.

“You’re in love with Kyra just like her mother!” Seamus confessed. “You don’t want the same thing to happen to Kyra that happened to mother!”

Jared was angry now. He let loose of Gerald and went straight for Seamus, knocking Kyra out of the way. Kyra was more confused than ever by Jared’s behavior. And she couldn’t believe the story from Seamus. Jared was in love with her? Just like he was with her mother? And just how did her mother really die? Kyra wondered.

As Kyra watched Jared go after Seamus, Jared managed to thwart Seamus’ plan of killing Kyra―for now. But the war was not over. Kyra needed to die, just like her mother. But for now, Seamus needed to find some more vampires, since Kyra killed the others.

As Seamus got away from Jared’s clutches, Kyra looked at Jared with new eyes. But Jared couldn’t look Kyra in the eye, and walked away, leaving Kyra and Gerald baffled.

Chapter 11

Seamus woke in a dungeon in Jared’s basement after he had thwarted Seamus’ attempt to kill Kyra. Jared couldn’t let on the real reason he saved Kyra—that he had fallen in love with her and even argued with Seamus when he went to his dungeon cell.

“What is bloody wrong with you?!”

“It was not time to kill the girl.” Jared covered for his real reason.

“Don’t you know who she is?”

“Yes, I know she is the daughter of the slayer who killed our gang?”

“Then tell me again…why you let her go?”

“It wasn’t her time!”

Jared left and let it sink in and went back to his coffin as it was getting to be daylight. He had to protect Kyra from Seamus and his band of vampires.

Meanwhile, Kyra was waking up as she remembered how Jared saved her from Seamus nearly killing her after she killed the other vampires. She hoped they both left because she vowed if she saw them again, they would be killed. Kyra didn’t care if Jared saved her life. He was still vampire and he need to die!

Back in the basement dungeon, Seamus had found a way out of his prison and out when Jared came by to check on him later that evening.

“Damn you!” Jared muttered angrily.

Jared needed to find Seamus before he found Kyra and killed her.


The $Billion Dollar Promise

Alisha Thompkins falls head-over-heels in love with the new guy, Hadley Jamison, at school. But due to competition from her best friend, Chelsea Grimes, Alisha does the only thing she knows and backs down. As Hadley and Chelsea grow closer, Alisha watches from the sidelines. But when a tragic accident injures Hadley, he makes a request from Alisha, that leaves Chelsea on the sidelines. Will
Alisha agree to Hadley’s request, or turn him down?

Chapter 1
“Alisha!” Mrs. Thompkins calls through Alisha’s bedroom door. “It’s time to get up for school!”
“Yes, mom, I know.” Alisha replies back. “I’m up getting ready!”
As Mrs. Thompkins heads back downstairs to begin breakfast for her husband and Alisha and her brother, Ellis, Alisha gets herself out of bed and dresses in the clothes she picked out last night for the first day of her sophomore year: a calf-length black skirt, pink sweater, and gold necklace. Then she heads into the bathroom to style her long brown tresses in curls.
Heading downstairs, Alisha joins her brother, father and mother for a family breakfast before they all go off to school and work. Mrs. Thompkins always insisted they enjoy a family breakfast before anything else, if it was the only meal they had as a family for the day. And that’s exactly what the Thompkins family always did.
“Good morning, father!” Alisha said, giving her father a kiss on his cheek.
“Good morning Alisha. How did you sleep?” Mr. Thompkins asked her.
“Just great.”
“Yeah, I’ll bet!” Ellis said, sarcastically. “Just who is it that you will have your eye on this year?”
“Oh shut up, Ellis!” Alisha said bitterly.
“Alisha! Ellis!” Mrs. Thompkins chastised them both. “Alisha, as the older daughter, I expect you to treat your brother with kindness. And Ellis, please don’t goad your sister.”
“Yes, mother.” Alisha and Ellis said simultaneously.
“Now apologize to each other.”
“Sorry, Alisha.” Ellis said, obeying his mother.
“Yea, I’m sorry too.” Alisha reciprocated.
As the Thompkins Family finished their breakfast, Mr. Thompkins got up, kissed his wife and wished his family a good day before picking up his briefcase and heading to Bradford and Thompkins, Attorneys at Law, where Mr. Thompkins was a partner in his firm he operated with his long-time friend and college buddy.
“Good morning, Chelsea.” Mr. Thompkins greeted Chelsea, who came to pick up Alisha for their first day of their sophomore year.
“Hi, Chelsea.” Alisha greeted her, who had just said good-bye to Ellis and her mother before following her father out the door.
“I can’t wait to get to school.” Chelsea said, enthusiastically.
“You mean you can’t wait to get your fix on some hot-looking guy.” Alisha said, knowing her best friend so well.
“Isn’t that the only reason for going to class?” Chelsea asked the rhetorical question.
Alisha disagreed, but kept quiet. Chelsea was only interested in meeting guys, whereas Alisha was interested in her studies. She wished to be a lawyer just like her father. She loved going to her father’s practice and watching him work with his clients and sitting in the courtroom as he defended clients he knew were guilty. The legal system has always fascinated Alisha and made it her life’s choice to be a lawyer one day.
As Chelsea pulled into Fairview High School’s parking lot, blond-haired, Hadley Jamison, noticed the girls as Chelsea parked her Jeep Wrangler.
Chapter 2
“Wow! Who’s the hot guy!” Chelsea exclaimed as she and Alisha were getting out of her Jeep.
“Chelsea!” Alisha chided her bestie.
“Oh, c’mon, Ali.” Chelsea responded back, referring to Chelsea’s nickname for Alisha. “Don’t act so modest. You know you were looking too.”
“Well, he is hot!” Alisha admitted, not letting on that she had the major hots for the new guy in school.
As Alisha and Chelsea walked together to their lockers to get ready for class, the new guy, Hadley Jamison, noticed the two girls and gave them a wink. Alisha felt butterflies in her stomach when Hadley looked their way.
Alisha and Chelsea went their separate ways as Chelsea had English first period and Alisha had Algebra. When Alisha walked into her Algebra class, she was surprised to see Hadley, looking as studly as ever before she and Chelsea had seen in the school parking lot.
Hadley noticed Alisha too and walked to the desk next to her.
“Well, hello!” Hadley greeted Alisha. “The name’s Hadley.”
“Alisha.” Alisha said, introducing herself.
“Is this class hard?” Hadley asked a nervous Alisha.
“No, Mr. Wilson is easy-going.” Alisha offered.
“Good, because to tell you the truth, I’m not that good at Algebra.” Hadley admitted.
“Oh? If you ever need help with any of the assignments, I could offer some help.” Alisha offered.
“I may take you up on your offer.” Hadley said, smiling at her.
Mr. Wilson called the class to order as students settled into their seats. Hadley was getting bored with the day’s lesson as Alisha could very well tell by watching him. As Alisha found herself looking at Hadely, she didn’t realize Mr. Wilson calling on her to answer a question.
“Pssst.” Hadely said, nudging Alisha. “The teacher is calling on you.”
Embarrassed that she was paying more attention to Hadley than to what was being taught in class, Alisha looked up immediately to the board as Mr. Wilson pointed to the blackboard for Alisha to solve.
Hadley watched as Alisha walked to the front of the class to solve the problem. Alisha didn’t know what was wrong with her. It was not like her to ogle guys. But there was just something about Hadley Jamison that intrigued her.
Chelsea was waiting outside Alisha’s Algebra class and happened to notice the guy that she and Alisha had seen in the school parking lot while waiting for her best friend.
“OMG!” Chelsea exclaimed. “You are so lucky to have that in your homeroom!”
“Yea.” Alisha said shyly, not wanting to admit her crush on Hadley Jamison.
“What’s his name?” Chelsea asked her bestie.
“His name is Hadley Jamison.” Alisha replied to her friend.
“You so have to introduce me to him.” Chelsea told Alisha.
“Well, when we see him again, I will.”
But Chelsea didn’t have long to wait as Hadley walked over to Alisha.
“So, who’s your friend?” Hadley asked Alisha.
“This is my best friend, Chelsea Grimes.” Alisha introduced Chelsea to Hadley.
“Glad to meet you.” Hadley said to Chelsea, as he winked at her, making Alisha a little jealous.
“Me too.” Chelsea said, batting her eyelashes at him.
“So, you two want to meet me in the cafeteria for lunch?”
“We’d be glad to!” Chelsea agreed for the two of them.
“Great! I’ll see you two at lunch!” Hadley said as he headed for his biology class.
Chapter 3
Alisha was sitting alone at lunch waiting for Chelsea and Hadley to arrive as agreed. She wanted to run away when she saw Hadley and Chelsea holding hands as they entered the cafeteria, unbeknownst to her that they had already made a first date for later tonight.
Alisha ducked down under the table, hoping Hadley and Chelsea wouldn’t see her, but it was too late. Chelsea came up behind her and sat down, Hadley sitting next to her.
“You two already a couple?” Alisha suggested, hoping they didn’t sense her jealousy.
“Yeah, we have our first date tonight.” Chelsea told her friend. “Hadley called me last night and we are going to The Tasty Freeze tonight for a burger and fries.”
“Oh, I see.” Alisha said with jealousy. “You two are dating?”
“You’re happy for us, aren’t you?” Chelsea asked her friend.
“Yeah. You two make a great couple.”
“Thanks Ali–, I knew you’d approved.”
“Oh, geez, look at the time. I totally forgot I had detention today.” Alisha lied, to make a quick exit because she couldn’t stand to watch Chelsea and Hadley smooching in front of her.
“Oh. You never told me you had detention.” Chelsea said, obviously upset because Alisha always told her everything.
“I’m sorry, Chels—it must’ve slipped my mind.” Alisha said, as she headed off toward the cafeteria doors, leaving Chelsea and Hadley alone.
A call comes in on Hadley’s cell from his mother. Knowing how his mother would react if he ignored her call, Hadley tore himself away from Chelsea’s lips to answer the call.
“Hello, mother.” Hadley said.
“Hadley, there’s been an emergency. Bryan has been in an explosion in Afghanistan!” Hadley’s mother said frantic with worry.
“I’m on my way home!” Hadley said as he hung up and gave Chelsea an apologetic kiss before rushing off in a hurry.
As Hadley got inside his car, started the engine and backed out of the school parking lot, Hadley saw a text come in from Chelsea. Ignoring the warnings from his mother about texting and driving, Hadley picked up his cell and replied back “I will miss you.” As he hit the “send” button, Hadley didn’t see the oncoming car in the other lane as he had swerved into the oncoming lane. Upon impact, Hadley hit the car sending him flying out of his car when the two cars hit.
A passerby who witnessed the accident immediately dialed 9-1-1. Emergency crews arrived within minutes of receiving the passersby’s call, locating Hadley’s body within minutes of arriving at the accident scene and placing him inside the ambulance.
The driver of the other car wasn’t so lucky as emergency crews pronounced the driver dead after several minutes of performing life-saving CPR.

Hadley was just being brought into the ER when his mother arrived at the hospital after receiving a call from the paramedics after they found Hadley’s wallet with his cell in his wallet.
“How is my son?” a Hadley’s mother said frantic with worry as ER staff pushed her out of the way.
“Ma’am, the doctor will let you know as soon as he examines your son.” The nurse tells Hadley’s mother.

The next day, Alisha is sitting in her homeroom class when the bell rings, signaling the start of class. She noticed that Hadley hadn’t arrived for school that morning, when the principal came on the PA system:
“Good morning students! I’m sorry to announce that one of our students, Hadley Jamison, was in an accident yesterday. Let’s all have a few minutes of silence for Hadley’s recovery.”
While the room remained in silence, Alisha couldn’t help but wonder how Chelsea was taking this news, when she heard someone whisper her name from outside her homeroom door.
“Pssst, Alisha!” Chelsea whispered as quietly as she could, but still getting Alisha’s attention without alerting anyone else.
Alisha raised her hand to alert the teacher, “May I use the restroom?”
The teacher motioned for Alisha to go so as not to disturb the moment of silence as Alisha grabbed her books and backpack and walked quietly out of the classroom.
As soon as Alisha got outside of her homeroom, Chelsea burst into tears.
“Chelsea, it’ll be okay.” Alisha tried to reassure her.
“It’s not that.” Chelsea confessed. “I want to go see Hadley at the hospital.”
“Well, why don’t you?”
“I’ve used up all my free passes.” Chelsea cried. “Will you go for me?”
“Please. I need someone to know how Hadley is doing.” Chelsea pleaded with her friend. “You still have your passes.”
“Okay, I’ll do it.” Alisha reluctantly agreed.
“Thanks, Ali.” Chelsea said, feeling relieved.
Alisha obtained her pass to leave the school grounds and exited the school, heading for her car to go see how Hadley was doing. She was in for a shock when she was finally able to see Hadley in his hospital room.
Chapter 4
“Hadley?” Alisha asked when he woke to find her in his room.
“Alisha?” Hadley said a little groggy from the drugs they gave him.
“What is it, Hadley? Alisha asked him.
“I need a favor from you.”
“What is it?” Alisha asked. “Do you want to see Chelsea?”
“No, I don’t!” Hadley said adamantly.
Alisha was taken aback at what Hadley said. “Chelsea is worried about you. Why don’t you want to see her?”
“Because, it’s you I really want!” Hadley confessed.
“I’m sorry, did I hear you right?” Alisha asked, confused.
“It’s you I really want.”
“But Chel…” Alisha started to say, but Hadley interrupted her.
“I don’t want to her!” Hadley said getting irritated with her.
“Okay, what do you want from me?” Alisha asked, feeling awkward.
“I want you to be my girlfriend.” Hadley confessed.
“Hadley, I can’t do that to Chelsea.”
“I will make it worth your while if you agree to be my girlfriend.”
“And how do you propose to do that?”
“If you agree to this, you will be the heiress to my family’s multi-billion-dollar fortune.”
“You think you can make me your wife with the promise of money?” Alisha asked him in disbelief.
“I need to be married by my 18th birthday in order to receive my inheritance.”
“So, why can’t you ask Chelsea?”
“My parents would never approve of Chelsea.” Hadley admitted. “They think she is gold-digger.”
“But you and I both know she isn’t.” Alisha told him.
“I tried to tell my parents that but they wouldn’t listen to me.”
“And what is this supposed to get me?”
“Well, you get the perks of being the wife of an heir to a multi-billion-fortune.”
“So, basically, a trophy wife, while you see Chelsea on the side?”
“Yes, so will you do it?” Hadley asked her again.
“I have to think about it.” Alisha told him. “I have to go.”
Hadley hated asking Alisha for this favor. He wished he had just been killed in the accident, but as luck would have it, he was spared with barely even a scratch. He was just in the hospital for observation for a concussion. Hadley knew his parents would never approve of Chelsea as his wife. That’s why Alisha had to fill the title. All he was going to have with Chelsea was a secret love affair on the side.
Chapter 5
Alisha couldn’t stop thinking about Hadley’s offer: a million dollars to marry him? Be his wife in name only while he saw Chelsea on the side? She could do a lot with a million dollars? Get her degree? It certainly would keep her busy while Hadley was busy with Chelsea? She decided to accept Hadley’s offer. After all, what did she have to lose?
She text Hadley to meet him at the java café to discuss his offer. When she got there, Hadley was with Chelsea. She should have known better. After all, he was in love with Chelsea. Not her.
Hadley looked up to find Alisha next to them, “Alisha, I’m glad you’re here.”
Chelsea was holding Hadley’s hand as Alisha sat next to her.
“I thought Chelsea should hear our discussion. After all, it does concern her too.” Hadley explained.
“Yes, it does.” Alisha agreed.
“So, what did you decide?” Hadley asked, waiting Alisha’s decision, as if it decided his fate.
“I’ve agreed to marry you per your terms.” Alisha told Hadley.
“Great! You won’t regret this, Alisha and you’re a life-saver!” Hadley told Alisha, as he smiled at Chelsea.
Chelsea agreed, although it met Alisha would be Hadley’s wife, albeit in name only. At least she got him where it mattered most: in her bed, and not Alisha.
“So, when will the wedding take place?” Chelsea asked.
“As soon as possible. Mother insists on it.” Hadley told the two of them.
“Well, how about next week?” Alisha asked.
“Sounds good.” Hadley said. “I’ll let mother know, and then she will get started on the wedding details.”
“I won’t have to plan the wedding?” Alisha asked with a sigh of relief. She was busy with school and everything. She planned to get her degree to distract her from this marriage since Hadley would be busy with Chelsea. She just hoped no one would find out the real intentions regarding this marriage.
“Hadley, what happens if someone finds out the real motive for this marriage?” Alisha asked him.
“It better not, or you and I are both screwed!” Hadley told her.
“I don’t have any intention saying otherwise. I’ll play the dutiful wife whenever I’m needed. But that’s as far as it goes.” Alisha told him and Chelsea, who seem glad to know this.
“Okay. We’re all agreed as to the plan on this marriage.” Hadley said. “Oh, Alisha, mother will want to meet with you to discuss the dress you will be wearing.”
“The dress I’ll be wearing?” Alisha asked.
“Yes, she will want you to wear the dress she wore when she married my father.” Hadley told her.
“Okay. Let me know when.” Alisha told him. “Well, I’ve got to be somewhere now.”
Alisha left Chelsea and Hadley to themselves as she went on her way to her next appointment. The dean of the university she was trying to get in.
Chapter 6
Hadley kissed Chelsea good night as she bade him good will the next morning on his wedding day to her best friend, Alisha.
He couldn’t believe that it had come to this. He had to marry a woman he didn’t love because his mother didn’t approve of the woman he did love. No one could find out the argument he had with his mother in the hospital after his accident while on his way home after his mother called him about his brother in Afghanistan.
After two days in the hospital suffering from injuries from the blast, Hadley’s brother, Tyler, died from his injuries. Hadley and his mother had a terrible argument over his future plans with Chelsea. His mother told Hadley she didn’t approve of Chelsea and told him she would make sure he never got his inheritance if he married her.
Hadley had to get his inheritance. He wanted to leave. And leave with Chelsea. But he couldn’t do it if he didn’t have his inheritance. So he came up with a plan to marry Alisha out of convenience in order to get the inheritance so he could be free to be with Chelsea when the inheritance came in.
But unbeknownst to Hadley, his mother had a codicil put in that would make Hadley stay married to whoever he chose for a year before he got the inheritance.
The day of the wedding was here and Hadley text Chelsea: “Babe, I miss you.”
“I miss you too!” Chelsea text back.
“Can’t wait to see you after the wedding.” Hadley text back.
“Me too.”
Hadley then text Alisha to see if she had arrived at the chapel yet: “You there yet?”
“I just pulled up to the chapel. Headed in to get ready.” Alisha text back.
“Great! Meet you at the altar.” Hadley text back.
As Hadley put his cell back into his pocket, he wished that he was saying that to Chelsea, but he would go along with the sham of a marriage. Soon, he would be marrying Chelsea. Just as soon as he got his inheritance on his 18th birthday in a month.
Guests were arriving for the wedding as Chelsea sat in the back row watching her best friend marry the man she loved. At least it was in name only.
As the pianist played the wedding march, the flower girl, Hadley’s two-year-old niece, Aysha, headed the march, followed by Hadley’s sister, Taylor, who was the matron-of-honor, as requested by (more like demanded) Hadley’s mother.
Finally, it was time for the bride to head down the aisle. There she was! Alisha looked ravishing in the dress that Hadley’s mother demanded she wear. Chelsea pictured her wearing it and got a little jealous at the thought.
The couple said their vows and after the minister pronounced them husband and wife, Hadley gave his bride a kiss on the lips, to which Chelsea felt a pang of jealousy watching them.
The newly married couple headed down the church aisle as husband and wife and headed to the country club where there was wedding reception waiting for the couple.
“I can’t believe my sister is married?” Ellis said to his new brother-in-law, Hadley, when he saw them at the country club.
“Nice to meet you too, Ellis.” Hadley said to him.
As the reception was in full swing, Chelsea showed up to see how it was going and was met with disdain by Hadley’s mother.
“What are you doing here?!”
“I wanted to congratulate my friend on her wedding.” Chelsea said.
“Well, this is a family party! And you’re not welcome here!” Mrs. Jamison said, turning up her nose at Chelsea, showing her disapproval.
“She’s my best friend!” Chelsea protested.
“Alisha is having the time of her life! She doesn’t need you anymore!”
“I can’t wish my best friend the best?”
“Get out of here before I have you thrown out!” Mrs. Jamison demanded.
Chelsea left before Hadley’s mother could throw her out, but not before texting Hadley why she left.
“Sorry, but your mother wouldn’t allow me inside the country club to see you at the reception.”
“K babe. C U 2nite @ R secret place! ” Hadley text back, before joining Alisha at her side for their first dance at husband and wife.
While Hadley and Alisha paid their dues at the wedding reception, Chelsea was at the hotel preparing for her night with Hadley on his wedding night.
Chapter 7
After the wedding ceremony, Alisha went off alone to the beach so Hadley and Chelsea could have some time in the hotel room. Alisha wondered if it was all worth it—pretending to be in a scam of a marriage for a billion dollars? Pretending be Hadley’s wife so he could spend it with Chelsea, his true love. It was sad Hadley’s parents didn’t approve of Chelsea. Poor Hadley! He had to pretend to be “in love” with Alisha while secretly see Chelsea behind Alisha’s back?
And it would have all worked out—if it hadn’t been for her little brother, Ellis, finding her alone on the beach on her “wedding night.”
“Hey sis, alone on your wedding night?” Ellis questioned.
“I needed some alone time.” Alisha lied.
Ellis knew his sister well, and he knew something was up.
“What’s up, sis?”
“Nothing brother dear.” Alisha insisted.
“I’m not buying it, sister dear.” Ellis told her. “I know something’s up, and I intend to get to the bottom of it.”
Ellis took off before Alisha could stop him. The only thing she knew to do was get to the hotel room and inform Hadley and Chelsea before Ellis found them alone together.
But Alisha was too late! Ellis had beat her to the hotel room and found Hadley and Chelsea alone, making love.
“Ha! I knew something was up!” Ellis shouted out, giving Hadley and Chelsea the shock of their lives. “Cheating on my sister…and on your wedding night!”
“And you’re not going to tell anyone, are you Ellis?” Hadley told him, more as a threat than a request.
“Wrong! I intend to expose this sham of a marriage!”
Alisha arrived to find Ellis in an argument with Hadley. While Hadley was arguing with Ellis, Chelsea gave Alisha a disapproving look.
“You put this in motion?” Chelsea accused Alisha. “You wanted this to happen?”
“How can you say that?!”
“You wanted Hadley for yourself?!”
“I did this to help you?!”
“Like hell you did!”
“It’s not my fault Hadley’s parents didn’t approve of you with their son. It wasn’t my idea to marry Hadley have him sneak away with you!”
“But he is married to you! You’ve wanted Hadley all along!”
Hadley’s father knocked on the door to see his son and heard the argument inside Alisha and Hadley’s hotel room.
“Son, is this true? Was this marriage all a scam?”
No had any words as Hadley and Chelsea looked at Alisha with hurt in their eyes. They both believed Alisha had planned this from the beginning. How was Alisha going to make them understand the truth?
Chapter 8
Alisha ran to the garden outside Hadley’s room. She couldn’t believe that both Hadley and Chelsea would accuse her of scheming to get Hadley? She did them a favor? She left them alone to be together in secret, didn’t she? Chelsea was the one who got to be with Hadley alone? What did she get? Marriage in name only?
But just as she sulked in the garden, she was seen by the maid and brought to Hadley’s father.
“Master Jamison, I found the bride in the gardens?” the maid said.
“Thank you, Claire.” Mr. Jamison said.
Alisha wondered what Mr. Jamison would do to her now that the secret was out. After she was reprimanded by Hadley’s father, she vowed to find out who ratted her out!
“Miss Thompkins, I want to know why you schemed to be my son’s wife?” Mr. Jamison demanded. “Was it the money you were after?!”
“No!” Alisha defended her actions.
“Well, I intend to have this marriage annulled due to your actions!”
But Hadley came down when he heard from the maid that she found Alisha in the gardens.
“You won’t do anything of the sort, father!” Hadley threatened. “I love Alisha! That’s why we married.”
“You can’t possibly love her after what she’s done?!”
“But I do!” Hadley said convincingly.
“Well, okay, son, I believe you.”
“Thank you father.”
Hadley and Alisha went back upstairs to his suite of rooms to discuss new arrangements.
“Now what are you going to do?” Alisha quizzed Hadley.
“I got you out of your jam.” Hadley said.
“But now we have to share a room.”
“What? You have to share a room?” Chelsea asked the two of them.
“Hadley had to convince his father he married me because he loved me.” Alisha told Chelsea. “Now we have to share a room to make it convincing.”
“Look, there are many rooms in my suite. You can have your own bed and I’ll share a bed with Chelsea.” Hadley reasoned.
“Okay. I just hope no one will check on us tonight?” Alisha said unsure.
“My parents never look in on me.” Hadley said.
But as they went to their respective beds, the maid was doing some last minutes chores before retiring herself when she discovered that Hadley was in bed with someone other than Alisha.

Playing with Fire


14-year-old Madison Parker is just starting high school. But she has one problem: she has always been jealous of her gorgeous older sister, Brittany. She gets excellent grades, has all the guys falling all over her, and is super-popular at school. When Madison sets her sights on the most handsome and richest guy at school, senior Noah Roberts. The problem is, he only has eyes for her sister. Heartbroken and jealous over Noah’s interest in her sister, Maddie makes a pact to ruin her Brittany’s relationship with Noah so she can have him all to herself. But someone else ruins Madison’s plan to win Noah’s affections: another boy, Micah Jenkins, whom Madison sees only as a nerd. Will Madison land Noah ’s heart, or see true love in Micah before it’s too late?
Chapter 1
“Why do you always get the bathroom first!” Madison screamed angrily at her older sister Brittany.
“Because I’m the older sister.” Brittany told her younger sister calmly.
“Because you think you’re prettier.” Madison muttered under her breath.
“What did you say?” Brittany demanded.
“Nothing, Brit.” Madison replied back.
“What’s all the fighting?!” Mrs. Parker yelled upstairs from the kitchen.
“Nothing mom!” Brittany yelled back to let their mother know all was fine.
“Let me know when you’re through with the bathroom!” Madison yelled at her sister before heading to her bedroom and slamming her door.
It wasn’t fair, Madison thought to herself. Brittany always got everything. She was prettier and popular with all the guys. She got the biggest room and always got the bathroom first in the mornings. The teachers fawned all over Brittany, and the worst thing is she got all the same teachers Brittany had and they expected Chelsea to be like Brittany. Just once, Madison wanted a boyfriend just like Brittany.
“Hey, Mad-! You can have the bathroom now.” Brittany yelled through Madison’s door.
“Thanks Brit!” Madison said sarcastically.
Madison headed into the bathroom to take a shower. She hung her new outfit her mother had bought for the school year: her favorite blue pleated skirt and white satin blouse with baby blue sweater vest over the hook behind the bathroom door.
Madison turned on the water and took off her bathrobe and hopped into the shower. She screamed loudly as she felt the cold water on her body. “Damn you, Brittany! Always hogging the hot water!” Madison said loudly. “Always taking too long so I have to shower in cold water!”
Madison hurried up her cold shower, put on her skirt, blouse and pulled her long brunette tresses into a clip and headed downstairs to join her parents and sister for breakfast.
When Madison got downstairs, it was just her mother washing dishes.
“Where did everyone go?” Madison asked her mother.
“Your father had an early meeting and Brittany said she couldn’t wait for you and headed off to school.” Mrs. Parker told her youngest daughter.
“That figures!”
“Well, honey, if you weren’t so slow in the mornings. . .” Mrs. Parker chastised her.
“Really, mom!”
“Sit down and eat honey.”
“I’m not hungry!” Madison said as she grabbed her bag and headed off for the bus stop.
Madison waited for the bus to pick her up for her first day of school at Ridgemont High where she was a sophomore and Brittany was a junior. When the bus dropped Madison off in front of her high school, the new guy at school caught Madison’s eye.
Chapter 2
Madison didn’t see the new guy looking at her as she got off the bus. Angry at her sister, Madison headed for her locker to get her books, notebook and pencil bag that she would need for her next two classes—she didn’t come to her locker after every class to beat the crowd that was always maddening.

Noah Roberts, who had seen Madison get off the bus, arrived at his locker, which was right next to Madison.
“Wow! Imagine my locker right next to yours!” Noah said. “I tried to get your attention when I saw you earlier, but you stormed off.”
“Sorry. I didn’t see you.” Madison apologized, noticing his gorgeous blue eyes.
“Yes. I wanted to know how to get a hold of a Brittany Parker?”
“Brittany?” Madison looked sick.
“Yes. We met in the library yesterday.” Noah explained. “I didn’t get her phone number to ask her out.”
“You think I can give you her phone number?” Madison said sarcastically. “Do I have her number tattooed to my forehead?”
“Sorry I asked.” Noah said, as he closed his locker and left Madison standing there bewildered as she thought to herself, “Why do all the gorgeous guys always go for her sister? What does Brittany have that she doesn’t?

Brittany’s study hall was on the way to Madison’s English class and when she peaked inside the classroom, she noticed that Noah had the same class and was sitting next to Brittany holding hands.

Madison wondered if she should make a play for Noah and enter a rivalry for his affections against Brittany. She just knew she would make Noah happier than Brittany ever could.
Brittany knew that Noah liked hanging out in the library. So she decided she would wait for him in there in hopes he might be alone and without Brittany.

Excited by her plan, Madison walked onto her English class and waited for lunch break to head to the library to put her plan in motion. She would make Noah see how much better for him she was than Brittany.
Chapter 3
Madison entered the library after school with hopes of meeting Noah alone for study. But her hopes were dashed when she spotted Noah holding Brittany’s hand as they studied together. She couldn’t believe that Brittany had beat her to the library? Since when did Brittany ever study? She was way to popular to study and always got some nerd to do her schoolwork for her? So what was up with the sudden interest in studying?
Madison left the school library and decided to walk the 2-mile walk home. She needed time to think about her next plot to break up her sister and Noah. There was no way she would let Brittany land the new hunk in school. No way in hell! Madison vowed.
Madison’s thoughts were interrupted by the loud muffler of a car going by. Then it stopped just ahead of her, as a hand waved in Madison’s direction to get in. Madison thought to herself, “Just my luck. Some pervert wanting to kidnap and rape her!”
But as Madison cautiously approached the car, she breathed a sigh of relief when she realized it was just Micah and his buddies.
“Madison, get in. We will give you a lift home.” Micah said, offering her a ride.
“Thank you, Micah!” Madison said as she hopped into the backseat with Micah.
“So do you want to go to the club with us?” Micah asked her.
“I’d really like to go, but I have to study.” Madison told him.
“C’mon, Maddie. Just for for a few hours.” Micah encouraged her. “Just to get your mind off your troubles.”
Micah could see that something was weighing heavily on Madison. That’s how much he cared about her. He knew her well.
“Thanks. Maybe I will. But just for a couple hours.” Madison told him and his buddies, Richie Clemmons and Sandy Buchanan.
“You won’t regret it.” Richie promised her.
“So where did you get the wheels?” Madison asked Micah.
“It’s my older brother’s, Jimmy.” Micah told her.
“He let you use his car?” Madison quizzed.
“You could say that.” Micah said as he winked at Richie and Sandy.
“So where is this club we are going to?” Madison asked, breaking the ice.
“It’s a new club that just opened up.” Micah told her. “It’s hip and everyone’s going.”
“Yeah, I heard about it. I wanted to check it out but my friend couldn’t go and I didn’t want to go alone.” Madison confessed.
“Well, you have us.” Micah said as he laid a hand on Madison’s shoulder.
“Thanks Micah for being a friend.” Madison said gratefully.
“Just want you to know how much I care.” Micah replied back.
Micah and Madison just looked at each other when Sandy pulled into The Jamestown Club’s parking lot and turned off the ignition. The four teens got out and headed into the club. As they blended in with the crowd, Madison spotted Noah and Brittany.
“How did they get here so fast?” Madison asked herself.
Chapter 4
Madison danced with Micah, despite how much she wished she were dancing with Noah. Damn you Brittany! Madison thought. Why do you get all the hot guys! She smiled at Micah letting him think she was enjoying herself, but deep down, she was miserable. Brittany was not going to win this war. She would have Noah, no matter the cost!
Madison saw her chance when Brittany went off with her bestie, Claire, to the little girls’ room to freshen up their make-up. Brittany was so plastic, she wouldn’t be caught dead without her make-up.
“Uh, Micah, could you be a dear and get me something to drink?” Madison asked Micah. She hoped she would have a little time alone with Noah before Brittany came back and claimed Noah as hers.
“Sure, babe.” Micah said, as if he were her personal butler.
“Thanks.” Madison said. And then she quickly headed over to Noah, who looked bummed ever since Brittany left his side.
“This seat taken?” Madison asked, as she pulled out the chair.
“Not at the moment.” Noah said.
“Brittany not chained to your hip?” Madison said sarcastically.
“No. I can’t do that to her.” Noah said. “I have too much respect for her.”
“Hmmmm, someone who actually has respect for my older sister?” Madison thought.
“That’s my sister!” Madison said. “So, Noah, are you going to the harvest ball this weekend with Brittany?”
“Sadly, no!” Noah said.
“Really?” Madison thought. “Now’s her chance to ask him before Brittany comes back!”
“But you’re not going alone?” Madison asked him.
“I have no date lined up, if that’s what you’re asking.” Noah replied.
“Noah, I was. wondering . . .” but she didn’t get the chance to ask him because Brittany showed up looking fresh and as beautiful as ever.
“Damn you, Brittany!” Madison thought to herself.
“Maddie, I see you were keeping Noah company while I was gone.” Brittany said.
“Well, I didn’t want Noah to feel lonely out of your presence.”
“Well, thank you little sister.” Brittany said. “Now run along and do your own thing.”
“Yes. I see Micah has the drink I asked him to get for me.” Madison said, giving an excuse to leave.
“Ta-ta!” Brittany said as Madison made her way over to Micah.
“Just wait, Brittany! Noah won’t be yours for long! Soon, he will be all mine!” Madison thought.
And she went over to Micah and pretended to enjoy herself as if she were having the time of her life, while despising the very being of her older sister.
Chapter 5
Madison got the idea to romance Micah to make Noah jealous. Noah was amazing! Madison just had to have him. He was so dreamy. The thought of those luscious lips on hers—it made her blood boil to think Brittany had them on hers! She just had to get Noah! Nothing else mattered.
So, the plan was to “date” Micah to make Noah jealous. And once she “hooked” Noah, then she could just dump Micah. But unbeknownst to Madison, Micah had feelings for her.
“Micah, would you like to go the Sadie Hawkins’ Dance with me this Saturday?” Madison said when Micah answered his parents landline.
“Ah, yeah! That would, like, be so rad!” Micah said, in his hippie-80s tone. Micah had been in love with Madison since, like, kindergarten. But Madison always ignored him like the plague, taunting him in front of the other classmates.
Madison didn’t know it, but she would be playing with fire in her plot to use Micah to make Noah jealous.
“Great!” Madison said. “You won’t regret going!”
Madison hung up and went to bed dreaming of Noah, “soon, Brittany, Noah will be all mine.”
The next day, Madison arrived at school upset to see Brittany walking hand-in-hand with Noah at school. Madison thought she would vomit, but her bestie, Kirstie, saved her by pulling her into the little girl’s room.
“Madison, you won’t believe it!” Kirstie exclaimed, unable to keep it a secret.
“What won’t I believe?” Madison asked.
Noah and your sister broke up!”
“No, they didn’t. I just saw them I the hallway?”
“Well, I heard them fighting just a few minutes ago, and heard your sister say it was over.”
Smiling on the inside to hide her enthusiasm, “That’s too bad!” Madison said.
“That’s great, because now I can go after Dreamy Noah.” Kirstie revealed.
“Yeah. You do that.” Madison said, as Kirstie walked away happily.
“Cuz you won’t land Noah.” Madison said to herself.
She couldn’t believe Kirstie thought she even had a chance with Noah. Boy would she be sad when Noah became hers.
Madison went home to pick out her dress for the dance on Saturday, but all the dresses she had were so drab. So she went to her sister, Brittany’s room to look in her closet. It just wasn’t fair. Brittany had all the pretty dresses.
And she got the hand-me-downs from Brittany. So what if they were pretty. By the time she got them, they were out of fashion.
She had to persuade her mother to buy her a new dress for the dance.
“Mom, can we go shopping?” Madison said in her sweet, sing-song voice.
“Sure, honey, what do you want to shop for?” her mother asked, thinking it was for some fab CD or some latest fad.
“For a new dress for the dance?” Madison asked.
“Honey, you have so many?”
“Yeah, but they’re Brittany’s hand-me-downs!” she pointed out.
“Honey, there isn’t money in the budget for a dress.” Her mother pointed out. “That’s why you get your sister’s dresses.”
“Yeah, and I look like a dweeb too.” Madison said saddened. “Brittany always gets the best of everything.”
Madison went up to her room and pouted. She just had to get a new dress. She had to look fabulous. She had to catch Noah’s eye! And she couldn’t with the dresses she had.
Then it hit her! Chelsea! She had the most amazing wardrobe. Better than her sister.
“Chelsea, I have a favor to ask you?” she said when Chelsea picked up her iPhone 8.
“Can I borrow one of your dresses for Saturday?”
“You don’t have any?”
“Yeah, but they’re so dull.”
“Yeah, come on over and pick one out.” Chelsea said. She didn’t care. She got a new outfit every day.
“Great. You’re an awesome friend.” Madison said before hanging up and heading over to Chelsea’s house. Things were looking up. She might have a shot landing Noah.
Chapter 6
Madison arrived at Chelsea’s home and the two girls went up to Chelsea’s room to look at dresses.
Madison was in awe, or you might say…jealous…whenever she was in Chelsea’s home. Her family was wealthy…the old kind of wealth, handed down from Chelsea’s great-grandfather as each son—that is, Chelsea’s grandfather and her father taking over the family business, a successful coffee importing store. Madison often heard people speculate whether it was really coffee Chelsea’s family business was in, or something illegal, but no one could prove it. Chelsea had the finest fads and fashions in her bedroom and wardrobe.
“Oh, Chelsea, may I wear this one?” Madison asked holding up a blue sequin dress to her body and looking into the full-length mirror.
“Sure, in fact, you can have it!” Chelsea said. “I have so many dresses.”
“Really! Thanks!” Madison said appreciatively. “How does it look?”
“How do you think Noah will like me in it?”
“You’re smashing, a true princess.”
Madison’s cell rang. As she picked it up she saw it was her mother, “Hello, mother?”
“Madison, where are you? You were supposed to be home a half hour ago?”
“I’m sorry mother. I’m on my way home now.” Madison said hanging up. “Sorry, Chelsea, but I gotta go.”
“Any time, girl.” Chelsea said as she walked Madison and the dress out the front door.
Madison arrived home to find her mother upset that she was going to miss the ladies meeting because Madison was late to watch her baby brother, Jonathon.
“I’m home mother.”
“It’s about time! You know I wanted you home at 5 p.m.!” her mother grilled her.
“Yeah, to babysit Jonathon!” Madison sulked.
“Everyone’s busy, Madison. You’re the only who could do it.” Her mother reasoned.
“Yeah. Dad has his job and Brittany has her boyfriends.” Madison said under her breath.
“Take care Madison.” Her mother said kissing her cheek as she headed out for her meeting.
“She was always stuck watching Jonathon. Never Brittany.” Madison sulked in the mirror. “Damn you, Britttany! You won’t know what hit you and I land Noah!”
Madison went up to find Jonathon sleeping in his crib, so she went to try on the dress that Chelsea gave her to see how it fit.

A $Billionaire for Savannah

Savannah Ridges is a self-made woman, a successful writer and novelist, who is famous for her romance novels. When she meets the handsome billionaire prince from Barcelona, Spain, Sebastien Mateo Santiago, it’s love at first sight for Sebastian, but for Savannah, she is immediately put off by the suave, debonair prince. Savannah does her best to ignore Sebastien’s advances, but when an accident befalls the prince; will Savannah give her heart to Sebastian?

Chapter 1
Savannah Ridges was tired of self-absorbed handsome men who only wanted one thing from her—to get her into bed. She was proud that she was able to put them off and keep her virginity intact, despite the fact she was 35. She had important things to think about than let some arrogant man take her to bed.
She had a career to get off the ground—and a book to write. Sex, love and romance weren’t on her radar right now.
Savannah woke to a beautiful sunny morning and the tune of her favorite song playing on the radio, Reba’s “I’m a Survivor.”
Putting on her outfit she picked out the night before, as she always did. Then went to the bathroom to wash up and style her blonde locks into a chignon that was classy, yet professional for meeting with book editors for her new book.
Savannah had finally finished the manuscript that took her 6 months to write and had an appointment with an editor to review it.
After eating the Mexican breakfast Nadia, Savannah’s housekeeper, and close friend, made for her, Savannah grabbed her briefcase with the manuscript and jetted out to her Jeep Wrangler and drove off into the city for the day’s errands—her weekly thing she did since she lived far out into the mountains.
Savannah loved the peaceful life the mountains gave her. It helped her write her stories and gave her the inspiration she needed to write. Rarely did she suffer from writer’s block as the serene nature of the mountains was a calming presence for Savannah. City life was too much of a hassle and Savannah just didn’t’ need the stress as she was busy writing.
Down the street, a well-dressed businessman had just got out of the taxi cab and was about to head into the office building where he worked, when he was ran into by none other than Savannah, who was on her way to meet with her editor.
“Excuse me, Sir.” Savannah apologized to the gentleman.
“No, problem.” Sebastian told her as he dusted himself off.
Savannah just went on her way, but Sebastien was smitten with the blonde beauty.

Chapter 2
Sebastien tried to concentrate on work, but meeting that blonde beauty was ruining any chance for completion. And Sebastien had a deadline to catch for the promotion.
After 30 minutes, Sebastien was getting nowhere with his work and decided to take a walk to clear his head.
“Camille, I’m going to step out for awhile. Hold my calls while I’m gone.” Sebastien told his trusted receptionist.
“Will do.” Camille replied back, as she answered my telephone calls. It was a busy morning at the office.
Meanwhile, Savannah was late for her meeting with her editor and as luck would have it, missed the taxi that she was hailing when a gentleman took it instead.
“Darn!” Savannah muttered under her breath, as Sebastien happened along.
“May I help you miss?”
“That man just took my taxi.” Savannah whined. “Now I won’t be able to get to my meeting with my editor.”
Sebastien was happy when he discovered Savannah was the blonde beauty he couldn’t stop thinking about.
“I can have my driver take you to your editor.” Sebastien offered.
“Would you?” Savannah said gratefully.
Flipping open his cell, Sebastien made a call to his limo driver.
“Okay, he’ll be here in 5.” Sebastien told Savannah. “Shall we go over to that hotdog stand for a bite to eat while we wait?”
“Well, I am a bit famished.” Savannah said, as the two walked over to the hotdog stand.
“I’m Sebastien.” Sebastien introduced himself.
“And I’m Savannah.” Savannah replied back.
As Sebastien and Savannah got to know each other over a hotdog and soda, Sebastien was becoming more and more smitten with Savannah; but to Savannah, he was just a guy who helped her out in a pinch.
“I see my driver is here.” Sebastien said, slightly disappointed.
“Yeah.” Savannah replied. “Hey, thank you so much.”
“Anytime.” Sebastien said as he helped Savannah into the limo and watched his limo drive off.
He had to get to know that woman. There was something about her.

The Navy SEAL’s Bride

The wedding of Navy SEAL Charles Buchanan and socialite Ashleigh Crimson begins and the bride is nowhere to be found. Did the bride leave on her own, or did something else happen? And will the groom find his bride-to-be?

Chapter 1 – The Bride’s POV
Ashleigh Crimson couldn’t be happier to be marrying the love of her life, Charles Buchanan, a Navy SEAL officer. But there was one thing Ashleigh still couldn’t get over…that he would be away for long periods while on duty with his SEAL Team.
Charles and Ashleigh had long talks about his SEAL duty and although she understood his duty to the mission, she couldn’t help but worry about his safety.
Ashleigh’s mother came in to see how her daughter was doing the night before her wedding. Her mother was always understanding of her daughter and Ashleigh knew she could go to her mother with any problem she had. Her mother never judged her for a decision Ashleigh made, even when her mother knew it was made in haste, like Ashleigh’s mother knew her wedding to Charles was.
Ashleigh’s mother didn’t like the fact that her daughter would be alone for long periods of time while Charles was on duty. But she didn’t persuade Ashleigh from going through with the wedding.
Ashleigh finished her foot soak, pedicure and manicure and got ready for bed. She wanted to be well rested when she walked down the aisle to start her new life as a bride to a Navy SEAL.

The next morning, Ashleigh’s mother came into her daughter’s room to wake her for her wedding. . .but Ashleigh wasn’t in her bed.
Mrs. Crimson searched the house and called Ashleigh’s friends, but Ashleigh was nowhere to be found.
Mrs. Crimson wondered if Ashleigh had come to her senses and decided against marrying Charles.

Chapter 2 – The Groom’s POV
Charles was saddened when Asheigh’s mother broke the news that Ashleigh could not be found. An extensive search was started but leads were coming up cold. Ashleigh had simply vanished without a trace.
Charles refused to believe that Ashleigh left on her own, as Ashleigh’s mother had tried to get Charles to believe. He knew Ashleigh wanted to marry him as much as he wanted to marry her. No, it just wasn’t plausible that Ashleigh left on her own. He was sure of it. Something else was going on…meaning, someone took her against her will. And Charles thought that maybe he might know who did.
Despite Charles being the prime suspect in Ashleigh’s disappearance, he drove to the police station to tell the police his suspicions.
But when Charles tried to voice his suspicions, the police interrogated him. After failing to give an alibi for the time Ashleigh disappeared, Charles was booked on suspicion of abduction and placed in a cell.
When Ashleigh’s mother heard who had been charged in her daughter’s disappearance, she was secretly happy. She knew that Charles had to have something to do with it. She didn’t really trust the guy. She even failed to post his bail to have him out so he could look for Ashleigh’s abductor.
Charles sat in his cell, unable to do anything to find Ashleigh.
Another officer, believed Charles’ story and decided to look up friends of Ashleigh, and came up with her bestie, Catherine Jorgenson.

Chapter 3 – The Bestie’s POV
Catherine Jorgenson, Ashleigh’s best friend since practically birth, raised as sisters by their mothers, who were inseparable as well. The two girls grew up together, went to school together, hung out with the same people. To the world, the girls were soul-sisters.
The Ashleigh and Catherine’s friendship changed when the girls began middle school and their classmates invited Ashleigh to their parties. Catherine felt left out of the loop. Ashleigh was the prettier of the two…Catherine the mousier one and nerdish too.
Before middle school, the two girls talked of books and tv shows they liked. But when middle school came, Ashleigh was often invited to parties and Catherine was not. Their classmates didn’t care for the nerdish girl. She cramped their style, so to speak.
To Catherine, Ashleigh had it all. Friends. Popularity. And all the boys were crazy about her. No boy ever dated Catherine. In fact, they all mocked her. Ashleigh, wanting to please her new friends, went along with the name-calling, despite feeling guilty for going along with it.
Catherine was reading one of her romance books when the doorbell rang. It was an officer from the police station here to ask her some questions about Ashleigh Crimson.

Chapter 4 – The Interrogation
After the officer spoke with Catherine about Ashleigh’s disappearance, the officer was sure Catherine had something to do with Ashleigh’s disappearance. He went to see Charles to see if he knew about Catherine Jorgenson.
Happy that someone knew there was something more to Ashleigh’s disappearance, Charles gave the officer everything he could remember about what Ashleigh told him about Catherine.
With the description of what Charles told the officer, he was sure that Catherine was behind the disappearance. It was perfect. The best friend…jealous of her friend’s success. Her wedding. And what did Catherine have. Nothing. No one. To Catherine, Ashleigh was all she had and she was leaving her to get married. They would have no friendship after the wedding. It would be just like middle school and high school. Everyone shunning her, including Ashleigh, just to fit in with the crowd.
Surveillance was set up to watch Catherine’s movements to see where she may have taken Ashleigh. But either the officer was wrong, or Catherine was on to them…because his surveillance didn’t find anything incriminating involving Catherine.

Chapter 5 – The Search for the Bride
The hunt was on for the Ashleigh, but leads were getting cold when exhaustive efforts to find her came up cold. Until….
The officer on the case, Det. Frank Chase, got a surprising lead while he was searching Catherine’s Facebook profile.
Det. Chase found pictures of what appeared to be Ashleigh in some dungeon lying on the dingy floor. The only problem…the location could not be determined.
Det. Chase downloaded the photos onto his flash drive and took the pictures and took them to the police department’s IT guy, Seamus O’Riley, who was a techie at this kind of stuff. If he couldn’t find the location, no one could.
Now all Det. Chase had to do was wait…
1 hour…that was all it took for Seamus to find the location…and it wasn’t what Det. Chase expected. Seamus told Det. Chase that Ashleigh was in a Shady Hills here in the same city and even more daunting was that it looked as if Ashleigh’s parents had put her there…
Det. Chase headed over to Ashleigh’s parents to get to the bottom of it.
“Mrs. Crimson, I may have located your daughter?” Det. Chase said when Ashleigh’s mother opened the front door to him.
“Oh, thank heavens, that’s great news.” Mrs. Crimson said, sounding relieved.
“Cut the crap! You knew where she was this whole time?!” Det. Chase accused.
“Whatever are you talking about?” she asked, defending herself.
“You had your daughter committed!” Det. Chase said angrily. “Did you disapprove of your daughter’s engagement, you had her committed to keep her from marrying her fiance?!”
“I don’t know what you’re implying, but I never had my daughter committed!”
“So you didn’t have Ashleigh put into Shady Hills?”
“No I did not!” Mrs. Crimson asked. “Is that where she is?”
“We got a tip that is where she is?”
“Well, I don’t have any idea how she got there?”
“Well, you and your husband’s name came up as the ones who put her there?”
“Well, obviously we’ve been set up by the one real culprit who did it? My guess is, it’s that witch, Catherine, Ashleigh’s best friend!” Mrs. Crimson accused.
“Well, thank you, Mrs. Crimson for your honesty.” Det. Chase told her. “We’ll look into this and find a way to get your daughter out, since it seems it was under false pretentions.”
Det. Chase headed back to PD headquarters to come up with a game plan to get Ashleigh out of Shady Hills.

The Flood

After a flood ravages Bensonhurst, Virginia, Camille “Camie” Donovan loses all her belongings. But what she doesn’t expect is that a romance sparks between someone she never expected. Can Camie give her heart away to this unexpected person?

Chapter 1
Camie Donovan couldn’t believe that her home was gone. Gone in a flood that put Bensonhurst underwater.
After several weeks of waiting for the water to subside so she could go home and check the damage to her home, Camie was glad to see her family home. It wasn’t a shock that it would be damaged beyond repair, she just wanted to check on one priceless heirloom: her wedding dress that she was going to be married in. Well, that is, until her fiance, Tom Hardy called it off before they had to evacuate their homes. Because it was wrapped in plastic, the dress was safe and dry.
It brought tears to her eyes. Everything was gone. But the dress was safe. Safe for what? Tom was long gone! And she had nothing!
Picking up the wedding dress—though she had no reason why—Camie threw it in her car and drove back to the motel room she was staying in after the flood.
While carrying the dress into her room, she ran into a gentleman carrying coffee and the coffee spilt all over her and the dress—Camie had taken it out of the plastic cover.
“Oh dear, I’m so sorry.” the gentleman said.
“That’s alright. It was nothing special.” Camie lamented.
“It looks like a wedding dress?”
“Well, it wasn’t like I was getting married anyway!”
“I’m sorry.”
As Camie walked off to her room, the gentleman wanted to get to know her better. He made a note of Room 12, the room Camie used to unlock her room door.

Betrayal of Love

Alexandria “Lexie” Chambers has met the man of her dreams in Markus Woods. But is Markus all he seems or is he hiding a deep dark secret? When a guy Lexie has never met claims they had a one-night stand, Markus feels betrayed despite Lexie’s claims she never knew him. Who is the one being betrayed: Lexie or Markus?

Chapter 1
Lexie Chambers never had time for dating while studying at her culinary college in her hometown so she could open her own restaurant. She even worked at the local café, Selma’s Diner, learning from the town’s beloved owner, Selma Watkins. Lexie looked up to Selma as a grandmother while Selma agreed to show Lexie the ropes in the culinary world.
While Lexie was busy working at the café one night, a sharp, dressed gentleman in his 20’s, walked in for a bite to eat. As Lexie took the gentleman’s order, he was instantly smitten with Lexie.
When Lexie brought the gentleman his order: a BLT with fries and a soda, he asked her to sit for a few minutes, to get to know her. Lexie turned the gentleman down, partly because she thought it was weird to become acquainted with the help, but mostly because the café was swamped with customers waiting for their orders as well.
“I’m sorry, sir, but I’m swamped with orders.” Lexie politely declined the gentleman’s request.
“Ok. Can I meet you after you get off work?” the gentleman said, not wanting to give up on getting acquainted with his server.
“Ok,” Lexie told the gentleman, despite being overwhelmed, but not wanting to be rude, “I close the café at 9 p.m.”
“I’ll see you then.” The gentleman told Lexie as he gulped the last of his soda down, left the money as payment and a very generous tip, and walked out of the café with a smile on his face.
Despite the weirdness of the conversation she just had with the gentleman, Lexie shrugged it off as some guy who wanted to get to know her.
And it had been a while since Lexie had a real date.