The Mysterious Cookie Caper


Sarah Roberts had just started her job as a paralegal at the law firm in her small hometown of Casper, Wyoming, when one morning, a cookie is mysteriously left on her desk. It continues for several months, and Sarah begins to scope out who keeps sending these mysterious cookies, until one day, a different object is left along with a note. Who is leaving these cookies and what will be Sarah’s surprise?

Chapter 1

Sarah was excited to start her first day on the job as a paralegal at Crawford & Son Attorneys at Law. It was the most prestigious law firm in Casper, Wyoming and Sarah had only dreamed of working there since she began her studies as a paralegal. So a month before she was to graduate with honors in her BS degree as a paralegal, Sarah sent her cover letter, resume and references to the law firm hoping to get her dream job. In less than a week after sending out her resume, she got a reply from Mr. Crawford himself, asking for an interview. When the interview was a success, Mr. Crawford offered Sarah the job and without hesitation, Sarah accepted.

Sarah arrived at Crawford & Sons and reported for her first day. She met Mr. Crawford’s son, Terrence, or Terry, as he preferred to be called.

“May I help you?” Terry asked, when Sarah had came into the law firm. Terry was sitting out front until the new paralegal had arrived.

“Yes, I’m Sarah Roberts. I was reporting for my first day as the paralegal.” Sarah told Terry.

“Ah, Miss Roberts. Glad to meet you.” Terry greeted Sarah with flashing smile.

“I’m really glad to meet you, Mr. er—-“ Sarah said but didn’t know the gentleman’s name yet.

“I’m sorry. I’m Terrence Crawford. But you can just call me Terry.” Terry told Sarah.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Craw— er, Terry.” Sarah told Terry.

Terry oriented Sarah on her duties in the office before heading back to his own tiny office in the back of the law firm. Terry’s father, Terrence, Sr. got the best office up front, as he was the owner of the firm. Terry hoped one day that same office would be his, as his father promised him when he decided to retire.

Terry slipped out of his office and told Sarah it was time for her to go for lunch. So Sarah slipped off to the diner down the road, Dave’s café, where she had text her friend, Maliah, to join her earlier that morning.

Sarah had a nice lunch with Maliah telling her all about her new job. Sarah was nearly late getting back from lunch, and made her apologies to Maliah for plans later in the week, as she hurried back to the law firm, hoping Terry wasn’t mad.
But neither, Mr. Crawford, or Terry were in the law firm when Sarah had arrived back from lunch. As she sat down at her desk at the front of the office, she noticed a cookie laying on her desk.

“Who could’ve left this?” Sarah said to herself, as she took a bite of the delicious cookie.

Chapter 2

Sarah arrived the next morning at the law firm to find another cookie lying on her desk. Taking a bite as she logged into the company computer to view the day’s tasks, Terry came out of his office to ask her type out his notes from a client’s case.

“Sure, Mr. Crawford. I’ll get right on it.” Sarah told her boss.

Terry went back into his office to work on a case when Sarah knocked on his door.
“Come in.” Terry said.

“Mr. Crawford.” Sarah said peeking inside the office.

“What is it, Sarah?” Terry said a little impatiently.

“A Mr. Anderson is on Line 2…something about a deposition at the courthouse today?” Sarah said.

“Oh shoot, I forgot.” Terry reprimanded himself. He never forgot a client’s court appearance. “Tell them we’re on the way.”

“We’re on the way?” Sarah asked confused.

“Yes. I want you to come along to take notes.”

“Right away, Mr. Crawford.” Sarah said as she went to pick up her tablet to take notes.

Terry left a voicemail with his father that he and Sarah were headed out of the office to the courthouse for Mr. Anderson’s deposition.

Sarah was waiting by the front door to the office when Terry walked out of his office.

The ride over to the courthouse was quiet as Sarah found it uncomfortable being alone with her boss.

“So, this is your first out-of-office assignment.” Terry said, breaking the ice.

“Yeah.” Was all Sarah could summon to say.

“How do you think you will like it?”

“It might be interesting.” Sarah said, a little uncomfortable.

Terry pulled into the parking lot and into a parking space near the courthouse and turned off the ignition. Terry helped Sarah out of the car and they walked together into the courthouse where Mr. Anderson was waiting for them.

“Mr. Anderson, I’m so sorry I’m late.” Terry told his client.

“It’s okay.” Mr. Anderson said.

“Well, shall we head inside.” Terry said as he, Sarah and Mr. Anderson headed to a room down from the courtroom to the deposition.

Sarah took a seat next to Terry and Mr. Anderson so she could take notes on the deposition.

The deposition being a success after they were through, Mr. Anderson went home and Sarah and Terry headed back to the office.

Terry went immediately to his office to work on a case while Sarah went to her desk to transcribe the notes she took on the deposition before handing them into her boss.

It was then that she found another chocolate chip cookie sitting next to her PC waiting for her to eat it.

“Another one?” Sarah said. “Just who is this person leaving her these cookies?”


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