First Day of School


Kirby Yale is a first-year med student on her first day of college. She so desperately wants to make a good impression on the professor and her classmates. But all she does is make a fool of herself by answering all the questions the professor asks. Her classmates all start thinking of her as the teacher’s pet who is only trying to get ahead. When accusations come out that Chrissy is sleeping with the professor for good grades, will it result in expulsion? Can Kirby set the record straight or will her reputation be tarnished forever?

Chapter 1

Kirby was late for her first day of school because she didn’t her alarm ring. It all started when her bestie, Eryn Chambers, convinced her to go partying the night before. Against her better judgment, Kirby agreed because she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Eryn. They’ve known each other since kindergarten. How could she turn her down.

Kirby pulled into the university parking lot and found a parking space on the other side of the campus from her first class, anatomy class. She was 15 minutes late for class when she arrived for the lecture.

“Well, Miss, have a seat. Glad you could join us.” Prof. Anderson said to Kirby when she came into class as quietly as she could. She hoped no one would notice her coming in.

As Kirby found her way to the last seat at the front of room, she tripped on a fellow classmates’ foot that was sticking out in the aisle.

“I’m so sorry!” the classmate snickered as Kirby managed to compose herself and get to the empty seat.

“Well, young lady, are you finished disrupting my class?” Prof. Anderson asked Kirby.

“Yes, sir.” Kirby politely said.

“Very well, then. Let’s have no more interruptions.”

When Prof. Anderson asked the class a question, no one raised a hand to reply, so he called on Kirby.

“Young lady, what is your name?”

“Kirby. Kirby Yale.” Kirby replied.

“Miss Yale, can you give me answer to my question?”

Kirby answered the question perfectly. So perfectly, the rest of the class looked at her as if she were fake. Like she wanted to impress the instructor.

It was from that moment on, that Kirby would have a hard time in her anatomy class.
When Kirby was leaving after class ended, she could whispers from the other students, “Well if isn’t Miss Know-It-All!” and “What makes her so special?!”

She went home after class nearly in tears and cried for almost an hour. She wondered how she was going to get through the semester with classmates like that?


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