First Day of School


Kirby Yale is a first-year med student on her first day of college. She so desperately wants to make a good impression on the professor and her classmates. But all she does is make a fool of herself by answering all the questions the professor asks. Her classmates all start thinking of her as the teacher’s pet who is only trying to get ahead. When accusations come out that Chrissy is sleeping with the professor for good grades, will it result in expulsion? Can Kirby set the record straight or will her reputation be tarnished forever?

Chapter 1

Kirby was late for her first day of school because she didn’t her alarm ring. It all started when her bestie, Eryn Chambers, convinced her to go partying the night before. Against her better judgment, Kirby agreed because she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Eryn. They’ve known each other since kindergarten. How could she turn her down.

Kirby pulled into the university parking lot and found a parking space on the other side of the campus from her first class, anatomy class. She was 15 minutes late for class when she arrived for the lecture.

“Well, Miss, have a seat. Glad you could join us.” Prof. Anderson said to Kirby when she came into class as quietly as she could. She hoped no one would notice her coming in.

As Kirby found her way to the last seat at the front of room, she tripped on a fellow classmates’ foot that was sticking out in the aisle.

“I’m so sorry!” the classmate snickered as Kirby managed to compose herself and get to the empty seat.

“Well, young lady, are you finished disrupting my class?” Prof. Anderson asked Kirby.

“Yes, sir.” Kirby politely said.

“Very well, then. Let’s have no more interruptions.”

When Prof. Anderson asked the class a question, no one raised a hand to reply, so he called on Kirby.

“Young lady, what is your name?”

“Kirby. Kirby Yale.” Kirby replied.

“Miss Yale, can you give me answer to my question?”

Kirby answered the question perfectly. So perfectly, the rest of the class looked at her as if she were fake. Like she wanted to impress the instructor.

It was from that moment on, that Kirby would have a hard time in her anatomy class.
When Kirby was leaving after class ended, she could whispers from the other students, “Well if isn’t Miss Know-It-All!” and “What makes her so special?!”

She went home after class nearly in tears and cried for almost an hour. She wondered how she was going to get through the semester with classmates like that?


The Caller


Jared Quentin is a local disc jockey with his own morning radio program. Every morning he takes calls from commuters to discuss music and celebrity gossip. Until one day he gets a call from a caller who demands he play every song performed by Air Supply or she will jump off the top of the building. The challenge is that the radio station has to play every song in 24 hours. Can Jared do it in time to prevent the caller from jumping off the building?

Chapter 1

Jared Quentin arrives at the local radio station ready to do his job as disc jockey for his morning radio program. He is getting bored by the usual callers asking him about the usual celebrity gossip. This goes on for 20 minutes. And Jared is falling asleep on his callers.

Until, one caller calls in with an unusual request………

“Caller, you’re on the air.” Jared tells the caller.

“I have a request for you.” the caller says.

“What is it?” Jared perks up, curious as to the callers request.

“I want you to play every song by Air Supply in 24 hours.” The caller demands.

“That sounds easy.” Jared says.

“There’s one catch.”

“What’s that?”

“If you don’t succeed…….”

“What happens if I don’t succeed?” Jared wonders.

“I will jump from the top of your building.”

Jared’s jaw drop, “Well, I will make sure I meet this challenge.”

“Okay.” The caller says. “I’ll be listening all day.”

The caller hangs up and Jared asks his assistant for every record by Air Supply.

“Okay listeners, there you have it. We have a challenge. Can we play every song recorded by Air Supply in 24 hours before the caller jumps from the top of our building?”

Jaren puts the first record on the turntable, “Here you go listeners with the first Air Supply song, ‘Making Love Out of Nothing at All.’”



Lizzie Carson has always made her way taking men from other women. But when she meets her soulmate in Hanson Miles, her friend, Sarah Wells, steals him from her. Will Lizzie win Hanson’s heart, or has Lizzie lose Hanson because of her past?

Chapter 1

Lizzie was unhappy. She was really great at getting the man. But that’s all it was. Just sex. Where was the romance.

Lately, Lizzie has wanted more romance and less sex. She wanted a boyfriend. She didn’t want other women’s leftovers, especially since it seemed she stole the men from other women.

Why did she always land the man fresh from a break up. It was bad! Lizzie was becoming known as the woman who stole men away from women.

Her last one was from her own best friend, Sarah Wells, when her guy flirted with her at a party that both Sarah and Lizzie attended.

When Sarah caught on to what was going on between her boyfriend, Matthew, and Lizzie, Matthew cast the blame on Lizzie and told Sarah that Lizzie was coming onto him to get himself out of hot water with Sarah.

Sarah believed Matthew and Sarah and Lizzie haven’t talked in days.

That is until the night of Lizzie’s party for Sarah and Matthew’s bachelor/bachelorette party.

“Oh, hi Lizzie.” Sarah snubbed her nose at Lizzie, still mad at her friend.

“Well, at least you’re talking to me.” Lizzie said sarcastically.

“It’s your fault for our falling out!” Sarah reminded her.

“My fault?!” Lizzie defended herself.

“Well, you were flirting with my boyfriend!”

“Excuse me! He was flir……” Lizzie started to confess to her friend, but Matthew saw Lizzie trying to tell Sarah the truth he whisked Sarah away before Lizzie could tell her.

“Well, have it your way, Matthew.” Lizzie said to herself as she watched them dancing on the dancefloor.

Lizzie couldn’t take it anymore. She was going to leave her own party. That is until the hot new guy caught her eye.

Lunch Gone Wrong


Carissa Watkins has eaten at her favorite diner for the last 3 years. When her friend, Taryn Williams, who is a waitress at the same diner, sets Carissa up with a gentleman who has also eaten at the diner, their first lunch date goes horribly wrong? Will Carissa see love or swear off men for good?

Chapter 1

“Taryn, I’m here, like you requested.” Carissa told her best friend.

“Great! Because I have a surprise for you!” Taryn told her.

“Great! What is it?”

“You’re lunch date isn’t with me!”

“But?” Carissa asked confused.

“I have a gentleman who would like to meet you.”

“Taryn, you know I’m not good with meeting people.”

“Oh c’mon, Carissa, it’ll be great. It’s just a lunch date. Don’t be so dramatic.”

It was too late. The gentleman in question was heading into the diner now and headed over to them.

“Taryn, I’m here.” The gentleman said.

“Robert, you’re here.” Taryn said as she winked at Carissa. “I’d like you to meet my friend, Carissa.”

“Nice to meet you, Carissa.” Robert said just as unsure of himself as Carissa was.

“Well, why don’t I take you two over to your table.” Taryn said, breaking the ice, as Robert and Carissa followed Taryn to the table she had placed their menus and iced tea on.

When Robert, trying to be a gentleman, helped Carissa in her booth, the iced tea that Taryn had just set on the table, spilt all over Carissa.

“I need to go to the ladies’ room.” Carissa said, about to cry.

15 minutes later, Carissa came out looking drier and sat down in the booth across from Robert.

“You look nice.” Robert said, trying to be nice, but not knowing what else to say.
“Thank you.” Carissa said gratefully.

Taryn came over to take their order, “How is everything you two?”

Carissa glared at her friend for roping her into this awful date.

“Can I bring you two something to eat?” Taryn asked them, as she ignored Carissa’s glare and winked at her.

“I’ll just have the bacon cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake.” Robert told Taryn.

“And I’ll have the BLT, fries and vanilla shake.” Carissa said.

“That’s a bacon cheeseburger combo and a BLT combo, one with chocolate shake and one with a vanilla shake.” Taryn clarified.

While Robert and Carissa were waiting for their meal, Robert heard some shaking kept looking around the diner to see if he could spot the trouble, being an engineer.

Suddenly Robert looked up and saw that the roof was about to cave in on top of Carissa and him. Thinking fast on his feet, Robert grabbed Carissa and moved the two of them out harm’s way.

After the cave-in, Robert moved to see if Carissa was alright. She moved giving Robert the sign that she was okay, as he helped her up from the rubble.

Then they were escorted out be rescue workers where they were reunited by Taryn who was scared that Carissa and Robert weren’t going to be okay.

Lost At Sea


Genny Meiers had her life planned out. She was going to school to be a doctor. But when a tragic plane wreck Genny and her fiance, Andrew Thompson, are on leaves no survivors, Genny and Andrew find themselves castaways on a deserted island. On their own to fend for themselves, Genny and Andrew find their primitive new life a refreshing change of pace. When they are finally found, will they welcome being home again, or long for the simple life they knew on the island?

Chapter 1

“I had a nice time Andrew.” Genny said to her fiance of two years. “But I must really get some sleep.”

“Genny, we’ve been engaged for two years. When will we get married?” Andrew said, losing his patience.

“I have one month of school before graduation to become a doctor.” Genny reminded him. “Can’t it wait one more month?”

“Fine. I’ll see you the day after your test for our weekend in Paris.” Andrew said, giving Genny a kiss on the lips before taking off and letting Genny get some sleep.
Genny got down on her knees and prayed to God: “Please God, let me get through this month and I’ll plan the wedding. Andrew is getting so impatient. Just one more month. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Genny got into bed and got some sleep.

Andrew on the other hand was out partying with his pal, Charlie Simpson.

“So, Andrew, when’s the wedding?” Charlie casually asked his pal.

“I asked Genny tonight. She said she had to get through her final to graduate in a month.” Andrew said, downing his troubles in a pitcher of beer.

“Man, I feel for you.” Charlie said. “Genny is more concerned with her studies than she is with a life with you?”

“You won’t say anything?” Andrew told Charlie.

“On my honor.” Charlie said raising his right hand.

“I’m thinking of calling off the engagement.” Andrew confessed to his friend.

“Oh, gee, it’s that bad?”

“I can’t take this 2-year-plus engagement.” Andrew complained. “I want to start my life with Genny, but she wants her career first.”

“Well, bro, I’m with you, whatever you decide.”

“I’m going to tell Genny when he get back from our Paris weekend.” Andrew said. “I don’t want to ruin her weekend.

As Genny was sleeping beautiful dreams of a wonderful life with Andrew after her graduation from med school, Andrew was stumbling up the walkway into his home.

Deadly Messages!!!!!!!


Karma Haven is out for revenge! Revenge against her husband’s ex-wife, Valen! For ruining her marriage by making up fake boyfriends to make her husband jealous. Karma waits! Waits for the right time to exact her revenge! Who will win the revenge war?

Chapter 1

“Karma, she’s doing it again!” Trenton cried to Karma.

“What is the bitch doing now!” Karma retorted.

“She’s refusing to let me see my son!” Trenton continues his pity party.

“Damn her!” Karma yells as she punches in Valen’s cell number so she can send the bitch a nasty text.

“Hey, Bitch! Who the hell do U think U R?!” Karma texts Valen.

“Stop keeping my husband’s son from him, Bitch! It’s not rite!” Karma continued her harassing texts to Valen.

When Valen checked her messages, she was pissed off. How could Trenton and Karma accuse her of such shit? It was bullshit! She would never keep Trenton from his son! She sent Karma a text.

“Look here, woman! I hav not kept Trenton’s son from him! He’s free to call him anytime!”

“UR such a fucking liar!” came Karma’s text 30 seconds later.

“Stop accusing me of shit I’m not doing!” Valen replied back.

“Stop UR lying, Bitch!”

“Whatever! I’m not discussing a damn thing with U!” Valen text back.

“Ull be hearing from my attorney!” Valen continued.

“Ooh, Bitch! I’m scared!” Karma text her.

“Keep it up, Bitch, and Ull lose Anthony to us!” Karma continued her threats.

Valen had had enough! She called her attorney to see what she could do concerning her ex-husband and his wife’s threats to take her son from her.

“What’s wrong, Bitch?! You scared!” Valen saw what Karma sent her, but didn’t reply back.

15 minutes later, Karma text her again, “Yeah, U better, Bitch! Watch out! U won’t win!”

Valen left it there. She didn’t want to say anything. She decided to let Karma think she was scared. She obviously needed the satisfaction that she was.
“We’ll see who wins, Karma?!” Valen said under her breath.

Chapter 2

A week later, Valen came home from work tired and just wanted to go to sleep but when Valen checked her messages, sleep was the last thing on her mind after she read the nasty messages from Karma and Trenton. They hadn’t spoken to her in a week and they were starting up their drama and bullshit!

“Hey Valen, can we talk? It’s important! It’s about Anthony!” Valen read from Trenton’s message—his usual message to get her to talk—just say it’s about their son.

Valen chose to ignore the messages, especially the one from Karma: “Bitch, I’m gnna f— U up! B redy, Bitch!”

“What the hell did that mean?” Valen wondered. “Just what was she supposed to be ready for?”

“Keep it up, Bitch!” Valen read from Karma’s text.

“I am gnna send my ppl to f— U up!” Karma continued as Valen read from Karma’s text.

“They will rip U from gut to pssy! Ur nuthin but a whre the way Ur treatin Trenton! It’s not rite Bitch!” Karma sent Valen.

“Watch out, Bitch!”

Valen didn’t reply back. She snapped a photo of the messages and kept them in her file to keep for future reference when she could get an order to stop them from harassing her.

Anthony and Valen had a talk about Trenton and after the talk, she suddenly realized what was going on. Trenton was pulling his usual game where he would call his son with the intent of needing to talk. Anthony said he was busy and couldn’t talk.
So because Anthony didn’t want to talk, Trenton cried to Karma and the result was a bunch of nasty, threatening messages where she was going to have the shit beat out of her.

“Well, Karma, bring it on!” Valen whispered to herself.

Chapter 3

6 months later, nothing from Trenton or Karma! It was as if Trenton and Karma fell off the earth.

Of course, Valen knew that wasn’t true. In the back of her mind, Valen knew they’d be back! With more drama and bullshit!

She would just wait! And live her life until……

“Valen, can we talk?” came Trenton’s text.

Valen ignored it.

“R U mad @ me !” Trenton text back 15 minutes later when he got no reply.

Valen just wanted him to leave her alone, but deep down she knew Trenton would keep sending the texts…each one becoming more nasty…

“What do you want?” Valen relented and gave in sending Trenton a text to reassure him she wasn’t mad.

“I hav a dire emergency!” Trenton text. “Can I call U?”

“Yeah. Whatever?” Valen text back.

2 seconds later, Valen receives Trenton’s call, “What is your emergency?”

“Karma and I are divorcing.” Trenton revealed.

“Didn’t you say that 3 months ago?” Valen asked, knowing what would come next.

“Well, we stayed together, but we’re gonna divorce now.”

“So, what do you want me to do about it?” Valen couldn’t believe she was listening to his bullshit.

“I need to stay with you?” Trenton asked her. “I can’t stay with Karma!”

“Why not?”

“Her daughter, Kaidence, tried to come after me with a knife.”

“Really?” Valen asked, knowing Trenton was pulling a fast one on her.

“Yeah, she stabbed me in the face. I have a scar on my face.”

“Yeah. I’ll bet.”

“So, can I crash at your place?”

“No, I have my boyfriend living with me.” Valen told him.

“Yeah. The fake one?” Trenton accused her.

“No. He’s not fake!” Valen defended herself.

“Okay.” Trenton said before hanging up like he always did when he didn’t get his way.

3 hours later, Valen wakes to 3 text messages—all from Karma:

“Bitch, U need 2 let Trenton stay with U! He can’t stay here! His life is n danger!”

If U don’t, UR a cold-heartless Bitch & I’ll cum after U with my ppl!”

“Oh & Bitch, thanks 4 faking the bfs! U just broke up my marriage! Hope UR happy!”

More accusations and idle threats! When will they grow up?!

Another text came in from Karma:

“Bitch, I hav UR medical file showing proof U were committed!”

“I am going to hav UR @$$ committed! I only need 3 signatures! Then my ppl will be out UR way to hav U picked up!”

Gawd, was Karma stupid?!

Valen decided to wait and see if that ever happened!

Chapter 4

Several months later, and no road-trip-goons to come beat her up!

“Yah? Another idle threat, Karma?!” Valen thought to herself. “And you’re big and bad?”

Valen sat down and wrote a letter to Karma (not like she was going to send it):

Dear Karma,

Your so big and bad, yet you fail to send those goons to come beat me up! Another idle threat! And it’s been several months, Karma! Why am I not in some mental institution?

You left nasty threat that some men in white coats were coming for me! Where are they? Then when I didn’t respond to your childish message, you come back a few minutes later to accuse me of being scared?

What did you expect me to do? Lie in my bed and cry? Did you get your satisfaction? Do you really think I’m scared of your idle threats? If that’s what you need to validate yourself as big and bad, I hope it worked?

Well, Karma, just so you know, I’m not scared of your threats! So bring on your road-trip-goons! Bring on the men in white coats! I’m waiting!


One Scared Bitch!

After writing the letter, Valen sealed it in an envelope, and filed it away in her files. No one would see the letter.

It was just a way for Valen to get the stress from Karma and Trenton’s drama.

Then Valen mixed up some margarita and sat down to enjoy her life, free from all the drama. Or was it?

Chapter 5

Valen had arrived home from work around 10:30 p.m. and had taken a shower before she retired to bed. Tired, Valen didn’t want to deal with any drama, but that is what she got.

As soon as Valen was lying down to sleep after a hard night’s work, in came a text from Karma: “Hey, bitch! Who do you think U R?! Trenton told me what U did!”

After Valen read the message from Karma, she set her phone down on her night table and tried to go to sleep. But Sleep would be the last thing Valen got that night!

“Can’t U reply, bitch!” came Karma’s text when Valen failed to respond.

Several minutes later, and Karma text back: “Okay, bitch! Since UR 2 childish to reply—I’m going to have U reported 2 the authorities!

Valen read the messages and set her phone back and laid back down to get some sleep.
An hour later, Karma was pist that Valen wasn’t responding to her texts.

“Hey, bitch! Watch out! I have some people coming 4 U!”

Valen read the message and laughed to herself: “Sure Karma, just like all UR other threats!”

5 minutes later, Karma text back: “U scared! U better B! I’m good 4 my word! There coming 4 U!”

Valen read the message and laid back down in bed, thinking to herself: “Bring it on, Karma!”

How I Survived My Controlling Ex-Husband

I know I don’t have bipolar disorder
Just once the wife of one who suffered
With the mental illness
The racing thoughts
I knew he had
The spending sprees he went on
Left his family severely in debt
Had to beg anyone from friends and family
To the church to help with rent
So we weren’t left destitute and homeless
The many moves he felt he had to do
So many places he thought were paradise
But it only lasted a few months
And he was ready to move again
Romance was naught
As he looked elsewhere
For companionship
As well as lovers
Felt I was not worth his time
For romantic interludes in bed
I longed for the love I thought he’d give
But it was all a fantasy
He never wished to fulfill
So romance was put on the shelf
While he claimed to want to find himself
He played with his women til he was finished with them
Then came back to me, the dutiful wife
As I soon grew tired of his straying
I knew he wasn’t going to change
So dissolution of marriage,
Much like the dissolution of our love,
We ended the marriage
He will always be in my heart
Even just a wee bit
That’s just the way things go
When a child is brought into the fix
Now I live my life alone
But I’d rather be alone
Than to live that way again
The pain of wanting his touch
Yet, never receiving any
Is something I’ve be happy to live without
I’ll be an independent person
Live my life on my own terms