Why Did I Ever Marry You?

Vanaya McLoughin is tired of her ex-husband’s, Tarrance, drama woe-is-me-pity parties and blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. She decides to put an end to it! She packs a few belongings for her and her 3-year-old daughter, Eryn (who’s daddy happens to be Tarrance) and hightails out of the country, bound for Australia. Once there, all goes well when she meets a wonderful guy named Matthew Morrow, and after a short courtship, Vanaya has agreed to marry Matthew. But unbeknownst to Vanaya, Tarrance and his mother, Madeline, along with Tarrance’s new wife, Kassie, have been searching for Vanaya and Eryn. Will Vanaya make it down the aisle to marry Matthew, or will Tarrance destroy Vanaya’s hopes of a happy life?
Chapter 1
“Don’ worry mother.” Tarrance told his mother, Madeline. “We’ll find Vanaya and bring Eryn home to us.”
“You better! And Kassie better make good on her promise and have that bitch committed!” Madeline threatened.
“Yes mother.” Tarrance said.
Tarrance was stressed. He was pressured into finding Vanaya and have her committed. Why didn’t he do it when he was married to her. Now it’s up to Kassie, his new wife to do what he was supposed to do. And all because mother wanted Vanaya committed so badly, ever since he first married Vanaya! Vanaya wasn’t as crazy as he let on, but mother wouldn’t hear of it. She hated Vanaya and she hated the fact that she was Eryn’s mother! Mother has caused problems ever since Vanaya became pregnant—bringing up her mother’s smoking and the ill-effects of second-hand smoke. And when it got worse when Vanaya’s sister, Kristy, announced she was gay. Madeline was hard-pressed to have her granddaughter grow up around gays and lesbians. That was why Madeline wanted Eryn out of Vanaya’s life it was my job to have her committed so she’d be out of Eryn’s life and have no say in how Eryn was raised.
Now, it was up to Kassie to get the proof that Vanaya was insane and have her committed! Tarrance hated bringing Kassie into this mess. If she didn’t do what mother wanted, who knows what would happen to his marriage, or Vanaya!
“Tarrance, I got the files. I can proof Vanaya was once committed. She’s going to be locked up in the crazy house!” Kassie said, giving Tarrance a kiss.
“Thanks to Kassie, he have Eryn in his home, but Vanaya was going to be locked up forever.” Tarrance thought to himself. “You got what you wanted, Mother. I hope it makes you happy.”
Now all they had to do was find Vanaya and Eryn…she has taken off for parts unknown and no one knows where….
Chapter 2
Vanaya and Eryn arrived in Sydney, Australia under an alias. Vanaya couldn’t afford to have Tarrance find her or their daughter. Her good friend, Matthew Morrow, got her the ticket and the alias so she get to Sydney, Australia , where they could meet after dating online for a year.
Vanaya waited at the spot where Matthew said to meet him, but she didn’t see him. Instead, she was brought in for questioning by immigration. That’s when Tarrance and Kassie were sitting in the immigration office waiting for officials to bring Vanaya in.
“Well, well, well.” Kassie smirked gleefully. “Bitch! You thought you could flee to Australia under an assumed named!”
“How did you find me?”
“I’m big and bad, bitch! I have friends!” Kassie said proudly.
“I can’t believe you did this Tarrance!” Vanaya screamed at him, giving immigration officials proof of Vanaya’s “Insanity.”
“You see what I have had to go through being married to her?” Tarrance said to the officials.
“Well, she does seem to be insane.” One immigration said to the other.
“Take her away.” The other official said, as Vanaya was hauled away in handcuffs.
Eryn cried for her mother as Kassie reached out to hug the 3-year-old.
Chapter 3
Just when they thought everything was going according to plan and were about to board the plane back to the States, Kassie and Tarrance are brought to the Sydney International Airport by airport officials where they are confronted by an unknown man.
“I understand you are taking this 3-year-old girl out of this country?” the unknown man asked them.
“Well, her mother can’t do it since she’s been locked up.” Kassie told the unknown man.
“Well, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Matthew Morrow. Vanaya’s husband.” Matthew said as she showed Tarrance and Kassie proof of his credentials and the marriage license.
“Vanaya is remarried?” Tarrance asked surprised.”
“Not only that, but she and Eryn are now citizens of Sydney.” Matthew smiled, knowing he just thwarted Tarrance and Kassie’s plan to take Eryn back to the States.
“But, that can’t be?” Kassie said. “Vanaya never lt on she had remarried?”
“And who said I had to tell you two anything?” Vanaya said as she came out from hiding in the next room.
“You bitch! You tricked us!”
“Sorry, but I did nothing wrong!”
“You’re going to pay for this! Eryn will be back in the States soon! So don’t get too comfortable, bitch!”
With Eryn back in Vanaya’s arms, Matthew, Vanaya and Eryn watched airport officials escort Kassie and Tarrance back to their flight.
“How can I ever repay you, Matthew?” Vanaya asked him.
“Marry me. For real.”
“Agreed.” Vanaya told him by sealing it with a kiss.
Back on the plane, Tarrance called his mother to give him the news.
“You stupid fool! You had that bitch locked up! You failed miserably!” Madeline screamed through the phone.


The Treasure


Shanna Reid is immediately thrust into a mystery when she visits her dying grandmother, whose last words to her are to find her treasure. But a mysterious stranger Shanna meets on the flight to her grandmother, is also looking for the treasure. Just who is the stranger and why does he want it?

Chapter 1

Shanna woke up the next morning…the alarm on her phone singing to the tune of “Good Morning.” As she got up to get some coffee perking in her old-fashioned percolator that her grandmother gave her…she just couldn’t part with it—it was part of her grandmother—she went into her bedroom to pick out her clothing before getting into a hot shower.

Feeling refreshed from her morning shower, Shanna poured some coffee and her favorite salted caramel creamer and sugar into a cup and sat down to check her emails. One email caught her attention. It was an email from her grandmother. Strange as it was to get an email—grandmother always sent a letter because she just couldn’t get a grasp on the email thing—she read the email.

My Dearest Shanna,

You know you are my favorite granddaughter. You need to come to Boston! A.S.A.P.!!!!

Your grandmother,

P.S. A treasure awaits!

Shanna’s mind was picqued. What could be so important that she must leave now. And what was the treasure that was waiting for her?

Shanna knew she couldn’t leave now. She had just accepted a new position as Chief Editor at the magazine she worked for. Things were a mess with the last editor having nearly run it into the ground. She hated to take time off with the magazine in such dire straits, but grandmother’s email also seemed urgent…and grandmother would’ve never sent such a urgent message if it wasn’t important.

After calling the magazine to give her regrets, she boarded her flight. She was lucky to get a last minute flight on stand-by. She was on her way to Boston.

It was a long, 2-hour flight and Shanna used the 2 hours to catch up on manuscripts to review. As she opened up her laptop, she preceded to get some reading done, but a mysterious stranger sat in the next seat next to her.

Shanna never got any reading done on that 2-hour flight as she got to chatting with the stranger who called himself Rod. Before Shanna knew it, her flight was descending into the Logan Air Terminal and she was on her way to her grandmother’s home.

When the taxi pulled up into her grandmother’s driveway, Shanna got out with her luggage and walked up the path to the front door. Gerald the butler answered the door and escorted Shanna to her grandmother’s bedroom to find her grandmother lying in bed, frail and near death.

It shocked Shanna to her core to see her grandmother lying there. Grandmother was always so full of life. Gerald gave Shanna the run-down on her grandmother’s sudden illness. She couldn’t believe her grandmother was dying.

Shanna sat next to her grandmother and held her hand. As soon as Shanna touched her grandmother’s hand, the life went out of her and her grandmother’s last words to Shanna were: “Find the treasure,” before taking her last breath.

Chapter 2

Shanna couldn’t believe her grandmother was gone. And what did she mean by “Find the treasure?” as her grandmother’s words rang through her head. She decided she would go to her grandmother’s bedroom to find some clues.

Once inside her grandmother’s bedroom, the smell of violets, her grandmother’s favorite scent, brought her grandmother to life. Shanna looked through the nightstand to see if she could find anything. But there was nothing.

Without much success finding any clues to the treasure in her grandmother’s room, Shanna decided to look in living room, but was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. As she opened the door to see who was there, a tall, swank, man in shades, stood on the doorstep.

“Is Irena Caldwell in?” the man asked.

“I’m afraid you’re too late.” Shanna told the man. “My grandmother has passed away.”

“Oh dear, this does not bode well.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was sent here to interview Ms. Caldwell on her 100th birthday for my magazine.”

“Well, I’m sorry for your inconvenience.” Shanna told him.

“Well, it’s not a total loss. I could interview you instead.”

“Me? Why would you want to do that?”

“Well, you were her closest relative. She loved you dearly.”

“And how would you know about my relationship with my grandmother?” Shanna asked with suspicion.

“It’s in the news. Your grandmother was a special lady.” The man said.

“Well, okay.” Shanna said reluctantly. “Let’s go into the living room.

As Shanna led the man to the living room, the man scoped for an opportunity to search Irena Caldwell’s home for the treasure his lead led him to.

Chapter 3

While the man was busy looking at her grandmother’s diary, Shanna grabbed the vase next to her and hit the man over the head with it. The man went down to the floor unconscious, giving Shanna time to escape the house.

Shanna knew she was being followed, so she went to her grandmother’s apartment in the city, and made herself comfortable until the man showed up. She knew that nothing would be hidden here, but in the home in the country. Satisfied the man would be out for awhile, Shanna made her way to her car and drove to her grandmother’s home.

Now she had a couple hours drive to her grandmother’s real home to search for clues to the hidden treasure. But what Shanna didn’t know is that the man had a cohort watching and followed Shanna to her grandmother’s estate in the country.

Back at the apartment, the man finally woke up and dialed his cohort, “The girl knocked me out cold and fled the this apartment.”

“Not to worry, boss! I’m on her tail now. Been driving for an hour now, so my guess is the treasure is somewhere in the country.”

“I knew I could count on you.” the man said.

“Well, when she gets to her destination, I will call you and you can be on your way here.”

“Where are you headed now?”

“We’re on Route 99 north of town.”

“North of town, Route 99?” the man wondered. “That’s it! I think I know where you’re headed!”

The mysterious cohort didn’t get to answer as the man abruptly ended the call.

Meanwhile, Shanna was getting sleepy. She only had an hour to get to her grandmother’s estate in the country. Sure she would get there just fine, Shanna continued driving…when she drove her car into the ravine…..


Cassidy Jenkins hadn’t seen her childhood friend, Daniella Thompson, since their high school days. When she suddenly receives a call saying that she is coming for a visit, Cassidy is overjoyed. But Daniella has learned of Cassidy’s recent marriage to Tyler Jenkins, and is jealous of Cassidy’s happiness. When Daniella tries to come between Cassidy and Tyler by making advances towards Cassidy’s husband, Tyler. When Cassidy discovers Daniella’s secret and the real reason Daniella is here, can Cassidy forgive her friend?
Chapter 1
“Hello?” Cassidy Jenkins answered her cell.
“Cassidy?” Daniella asked.
“Daniella?” Cassidy asked surprised to hear from her childhood friend. “I was just wondering about you?”
“I just want to let you know that I was coming for a visit.”
“You are? That’s great, Daniella! You can meet my new husband, Tyler!” Cassidy exclaimed excitedly.
“Yeah, that would be nice!” Daniella replied in a somber tone.
“Well, Daniella, I hate to break off our call, but I have to be getting to work now.” Cassidy told her.
“Yeah, sure! See you in a few days!” Daniella said, hanging up.
Cassidy hung up and began to get ready for work as a paralegal in her father’s law firm, she couldn’t believe she would see Daniella again. It’s been so long—too long! One thing bothered her though—their rivalry over the quarterback James Mitchell, whom both Cassidy and Daniella both had eyes for. It had been an ugly rivalry to which Daniella won the heart of James when the two married right after they graduated high school. Cassidy never heard from Daniella again—until now!

Daniella had packed her few belongings that James had let her have. When Daniella and James first married, it seemed the two were inseparable. They were the picture of happiness—that is for the first two months. Then James changed. He became possessive over Daniella. He controlled her every move, from the friends she had to the family she could talk to.
Things escalated further when James began beating Daniella and leaving bruises on her, even putting her in the hospital a few times. Daniella thought she was a dead woman—until a month ago when Daniella finally had enough and shot and killed James when he was sleeping.
The next morning, she woke in a daze to the news of Cassidy’s marriage to celebrity architect to the stars, Tyler Jenkins. After Daniella’s ordeal the last 10 years, Daniella seethed with anger toward Cassidy. How could she end up happy when she was miserable? It wasn’t fair that Cassidy got what she wanted and she ended up in a nightmare of a marriage. Daniella blamed Cassidy for her marriage woes. After all, Cassidy gave up on James way to easily, and Daniella wanted Cassidy to pay.
That’s when Daniella made up her mind to ruin Cassidy’s happiness at all costs. Daniella intended to steal Tyler away from Cassidy and make Cassidy pay for everything she went through. Her troubled life was Cassidy’s fault.
Chapter 2
“Dani!” Cassidy shrieked with excitement when she spotted her friend in the airport while waiting for her.
“Cassi.” Dani shrieked with fake excitement as she gave her friend a hug, while secretly eyeing Cassidy’s husband, Tyler.
“Oh, Dani, it’s been so long.” Cassidy said sadly. “How did we ever lose touch with each other?”
“I know.” Daniella lied. “I’m sorry for everything.’
Daniella and Cassidy talked about old times while waiting for her luggage at the baggage claim. When it finally came out, Daniella pointed it out and Tyler, like the true gentleman, picked up Daniella’s luggage and carried it to his and Cassidy’s car. Daniella was amazed that they had a driver. No, more like jealous!
As Max drove Cassidy, Tyler and Daniella back to Tyler and Cassidy’s mansion, Tyler poured Cassidy and Daniella a drink from the mini bar in the limousine. As the three enjoyed the drink, Daniella thought about her revenge on Cassidy and how to make the moves on Tyler. He was a man Daniella could fall for with his rugged good looks and chiseled features, those gorgeous blue eyes the color of the ocean—Daniella could get lost in them forever.
“Dani?” Cassidy spoke, breaking Daniella free of her thoughts.
“What? I’m sorry Cassi. I must have been lost in thought.” Daniella lied, as she continued to think about having Tyler all to herself.
“What do you want to do first when we get home?” Cassidy repeated.
“Oh, surprise me!” Daniella told her friend.
“Well, why don’t you two take a swim out in our pool while I make you two some lunch.” Tyler suggested.
“That’s sounds good, honey.” Cassidy said, giving him a kiss on the lips.
Max had just pulled into the drive of Cassidy and Tyler’s mansion. Tyler grabbed Daniella’s bags and followed Cassidy and Daniella up the front steps to the front door as Cassidy pushed the code for the security alarm.
Once inside, Cassidy led Daniella to her room—actually wing—that she would have all to herself. Amazed as she was by Cassidy’s success, Daniella couldn’t wait to take all of this from Cassidy for payment for all her hurt.
Daniella still couldn’t believe that Cassidy managed to get everything while she lost all she had.
“I’ll wait for you out by the pool.” Cassidy said to Daniella.
“Okay. I’ll get dressed and be out there in a few.” Daniella promised.
But first, Daniella had to put the first part of her plan into motion.
Chapter 3
Daniella dressed in her sexiest bikini…a blue bikini…and threw on her coverup. Daniella held her long locks up as she tried to decide whether she should put it up or let hang loose around her shoulders. After a few minutes, she decided she looked sexier with it hanging loose around her shoulders. Satisfied with her look, Daniella grabbed her cell and headed downstairs to meet Cassidy and Tyler out by their pool.
“What took you so long?” Cassidy asked her when Daniella finally emerged from the sliding glass door.
“Oh, just had to get ready.” Daniella expressed as she flung her coverup into the lounge chair and flipped her locks in Tyler’s direction.
“You. . .look nice.” Tyler commented, trying not to get excited by Daniella’s appearance, as hot as he thought she looked.
“Yeah, Daniella, you look great, as always.” Cassidy said, a bit jealous.
Daniella’s performance brought Cassidy back to their high school days. Daniella always seemed to get the guys, even the ones that Cassidy was interested in. She remembered how Daniella took advantage of the fact that she also liked James Mitchell and managed to land James before she could tell him how she felt. Now that she was married to Tyler, it seemed to Cassidy that Daniella was trying to do the same? But Cassidy shook it off thinking that Daniella was above that now. . .we were all adults. . .no time to play childish games we played back in high school.
Daniella went in the pool giving a show for Tyler. And as Tyler loved Cassidy, he couldn’t help but look at Daniella. She was hot and sexy, not that Cassidy wasn’t either. But there was something about Daniella. . .something that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He felt guilty for the way he looked at her. . .like he was cheating on Cassidy. . .but. . .he just couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Daniella swam in Cassidy’s pool, all the while, watching Tyler. She liked that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. . .her plan was working. Soon, Tyler would be all hers. And Cassidy would be left out in the cold. . .just as Cassidy deserved. . .
Cassidy, not wanting to watch Daniella’s obvious game, made an excuse to go into the house and get some snacks for them to munch on. When she got into the house, Cassidy opened up the refrigerator and took out the ribs that Tyler would barbecue for their dinner. Cassidy knew Daniella liked barbecued ribs. She placed the ribs on the cart along with the barbecue sauce for the ribs, the spatula, and salt.
When she brought the ribs outside for Tyler to start grilling, she couldn’t help but notice Daniella was hanging all over Tyler as he fired up the grill. Even after a swim, Daniella looked great. She couldn’t help but think that Daniella was after Tyler. . .she hoped she was wrong. . .but she just wasn’t so sure.
“So, Dani, what brings you out here?” Tyler asked, trying to keep his eyes off her gorgeous body.
“My husband died recently and I needed a break.” Dani explained. “I haven’t seen Cassie in awhile so I thought ‘why not?’”
“Well, I think Cassie is glad to see you. . .and catch up.”
“So how did you and Cassie meet?” Dani asked with mock enthusiasm.
“Our jobs.” Tyler explained. “I was an architect to the stars and Cassie was an interior designer we were both working for the same celebrity on their house.”
“Was it love at first sight?”
“No, Cassie couldn’t stand me at first.”
“Oh, really?”
“It took me months to get Cassie to warm up to me.”
“Yeah, Cassie always did seem to be like that.” Daniella reflected back on their high school days.
“But I finally won her over and I couldn’t be happier.”
“Yeah, Cassie does seem quite happy.” Daniella remarked, a hint of jealousy in her voice.
Cassidy came out with the cart so Tyler to begin grilling the ribs. She couldn’t help that Daniella seemed a bit too comfortable chatting with Tyler.
“Hey, you two. . .are you hungry?” Cassidy asked, as if trying to break the ice.
“Yeah, it’s about time you brought those ribs out.” Tyler joked.
“Mmmmmm, my favorite.” Daniella remarked.
“I know. And Tyler makes the best ribs.” Cassidy told her.
“I can’t wait to try them.” Daniella licked her lips seductively, catching a glimpse of Tyler eyeing her.
After twenty minutes of uncomfortable silence watching Tyler grilled the ribs, Tyler finally brought the ribs to the table where Cassidy and Daniella were sitting.
“Ribs are ready!” Tyler announced.
“Yeah. I can’t wait!” Daniella said as Tyler put a rib smothered in barbecue sauce onto Daniella’s plate.
“Mmmmmm.” Daniella said, as she took a bite immediately. “These are so-o-o-o good, Tyler. Cassidy is right. You do make the best ribs.”
The three of them enjoyed dinner and spent a few more hours by the poolside before turning in for the night. As Cassidy watched Daniella head up to her wing, Cassidy and Tyler got into a heated spat.
“Really, Tyler?” Cassidy accused. “You couldn’t take your eyes off of her!”
“What do you mean, Cassie?!” Tyler defended himself.
“The way you looked at her?”
“She’s a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean I want her?!”
“She was doing it on purpose!” Cassidy accused. “She wants you! It’s our high school days all over again!”
“Oh, come on, Cassie! You’re paranoid!”
“I don’t think so!” Cassie warned Tyler. “She has an agenda and you’re it!”
“Don’t be silly, Cassie!” Tyler told her. “You know I only have eyes for you!”
“But you couldn’t take your eyes off Dani all afternoon!”
“I can’t take your accusations!” Tyler said, storming off.
Cassidy couldn’t help it. She knew Daniella was up to her old tricks. She couldn’t believe that Tyler couldn’t see it.
Chapter 4
Daniella couldn’t be happier as she listened to Cassidy and Tyler fighting. All she cared about was that her plan was working perfectly. Cassidy was making the usual assumptions she did back in high school. And Tyler didn’t believe her. Soon, Tyler would be all hers. . .and Cassidy would be left out in the cold. . .just where she belonged.

As Daniella made her way downstairs to work on the next plot in her scheme, Cassidy fumed upstairs after Tyler had marched out of their room and into one of the other rooms.

Tyler, on the other hand, decided he wasn’t going to lose any sleep over Cassidy’s paranoia. It was ridiculous that Daniella was coming on to him. She was just his wife’s friend from high school. He had no interest in her. Why couldn’t Cassidy see that?

As Tyler tried to sleep, he heard the door open and someone come in.

“Cassidy?” Tyler questioned the intruder coming in. “Come to your senses, did you?”

But there was no answer, and assuming the intruder left, Tyler tried to go back to sleep. But instead, he felt a warm hand caress his body, and assuming it was Cassidy, turned over and planted a kiss on her.

“I’m sorry, Tyler.” Daniella lied. “I had no idea there was anybody in here.”

“What are you doing in here?” Tyler said, when he realized it wasn’t Cassidy he just kissed.

“I had to find another room to sleep in.” was Daniella’s excuse. “The sheets in my bed were all wet when I went to pull down the blankets.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Dani.” Tyler apologized.

“I’ll go check out what’s wrong.” Tyler told her. “Just to make sure there’s no leak.”

“No, you don’t have to do that.” Daniella told him. “I’m sure the sheets will be dry in the morning.”

“It’s no problem, really.” Tyler offered. “I pride myself on having a leak-proof home and if you have a leak, I need to fix it.”

“Can’t you do it in the morning?” Daniella asked him, hoping to buy some time before she could get back to her room.

“Okay, I will wait until morning.” Tyler promised her.

“Thank you, Tyler. You’re such a doll.” Daniella said sweetly.

“I think I will go sleep in my own room with my wife, where I belong.” Tyler said.

As Tyler went back up to his and Cassidy’s room, Daniella made her way back to her room and crawled into the bed, knowing it wouldn’t be long before she had Tyler right where she wanted him. . .and Cassidy would be alone. . .just like her.
Chapter 5
Cassidy woke to find Tyler sleeping next to her, snoring as loudly as ever. It kept Cassidy awake and she couldn’t sleep ever since Tyler came back into the room. Not wanting to give into Tyler, Cassidy got up and put on her bathrobe to prepare breakfast. Cooking always managed to make Cassidy feel better.
But when she got downstairs to the kitchen, Daniella was already there dressed in a sexy black dress, cooking breakfast.
“Daniella, what are you doing in my kitchen?” Cassidy demanded.
“Well, I saw how busy you and Tyler were, so I wanted to help out a little.”Daniella told her sweetly.
“Well, I don’t need your help.” Cassidy spat out. “Especially with you looking like that!”
“What’s wrong with how I look?” Daniella asked innocently.
“That dress?!” Cassidy raged. “How many people cook in a sexy black dress?!”
“Well, I had a prior commitment so I got ready and thought I would make you and Tyler dinner before I left.” Daniella explained in her sugar-sweet voice.
“Yeah, I bet!” Cassidy screamed at her. “Why don’t you admit you’re trying to take Tyler away from me!”
As Cassidy threw out accusations, Daniella continued cooking, remaining calm. Cassidy’s ranting woke Tyler, who was still asleep upstairs, came downstairs to see what all the commotion was.
“What is going on down here?!” Tyler exploded.
“I was just making you two some breakfast and Cassie just flew off the handle?” Daniella said in her sugary sweet voice. “And she flew into a rage.”
“Cassie, what is wrong with you?” Tyler asked. “She’s just making breakfast.”
“Dressed like that!”
“I told your wife that I had somewhere to go, but thought I would make you two some breakfast before I go.” Daniella explained as sweetly as possible.
“There, Cassie, she’s just making breakfast for us.” Tyler tried to get Cassie to be rational.
“She’s trying to take you away! Who makes breakfast in that attire!”
“Cassie, she just told us she had somewhere to be after making breakfast.” Tyler continued to reason with Cassie.
“You know what, Tyler, I’m leaving.” Cassie yelled. “If you’re going to take her side, you can have her!”
Cassidy stormed out of the house and to her car and drove off. She had to get out. Drive somewhere—anywhere, but at home. Daniella was ruining their life and Tyler couldn’t see it.
Meanwhile, Daniella had breakfast ready and on the table when Tyler came back. She was sitting at the table waiting for Tyler and Cassidy to join her.
“Breakfast is served.” Daniella told Tyler when he came back to the kitchen after failing to reason with Cassidy.
“Thanks, Daniella.” Tyler told her as he sat down to eat.
“Where’s Cassie?” Daniella asked him, secretly happy inside.
“She left.” Was all Tyler said.
“I’m sorry, Tyler.” Daniella said as she squeezed his hand.
“It’s not your fault.”
“Is there anything I can do?”
With Cassidy gone, it was time to make her move. Daniella soothed Tyler’s hand, as she inched her hand further up his arm, rubbing it soothingly. Enjoying the touch, Tyler let Daniella caress him, as he was hurting from Cassidy’s tirade.
Still hurting from Cassidy leaving so angrily and her irrational behavior, Tyler kissed Daniella. Daniella had Tyler right where she wanted him. Tyler grabbed Daniella and kissed her, as the two ended up in a passionate kiss.
While Daniella and Tyler were getting passionate, Cassidy was driving so fast as thoughts of her argument came back to her, making her more angry that Tyler would side with Daniella. The past was coming back to haunt her.
Daniella was coming between her and Tyler just like when they were in high school when Daniella came between her and any guy she was interested in.
Cassidy, seeing the oncoming car through her angry tears, swerved to the side of the road and went off into a ditch.
Chapter 6
As Daniela was busy seducing an unsuspecting Tyler, Cassidy lay unconscious in her car in the ditch with her head on the steering wheel.
A passerby who was making his usual jog, found Cassidy’s car and called 9-1-1 to get the paramedics on the scene.
Then he checked Cassidy’s wrist for a pulse and found one, although very faint.
The paramedics arrived on scene within 10 minutes and rushed to see how Cassidy was. They check her vitals: Temp—98.9, Pulse—110, Respirations—24, Blood Pressure—190/99, O2 sats—70 and falling fast.
The paramedics put an oxygen mask on Cassidy to help get more oxygen to Cassidy’s brain. They reported Cassidy’s condition to the hospital via radio before putting her in the ambulance for transport to the hospital.
“Do you know this lady?” the paramedic asked the jogger.
“No. I found her car while out on a jog.” The jogger asked.
“Well, does she have any identification?”
“I saw a purse in the car.” The jogger told the paramedic. “It said Cassidy Jenkins.”
“Thank you sir.” The paramedic said. “We will give her husband a call.”
As Cassidy was on her way to the hospital, the paramedic riding in the ambulance gave Tyler a call.
Back at Tyler’s home, Daniela was about to unbutton her blouse to give Tyler a show after kissing him passionately when the phone near the bed began ringing.
“I’m sorry, Daniela, but I must get this. It could be my employer.” Tyler said, feeling guilty about what he was about to do with his wife’s friend.
“Hello?” Tyler said, after picking up the phone by the bed.
“Mr. Jenkins?” the paramedic said.
“Yes, this Tyler Jenkins.”
“I’m afraid to tell you, but your wife is being taken to the hospital.”
“The hospital? What happened?” Tyler asked the paramedic.
“There’s been an accident. Your wife is holding her own, but is unconscious.”
“I’m on my way!” Tyler said, hanging up and pushing Daniela off the bed and putting his pants and shirt back on, making Daniela a little ticked off.
“Can’t you forget about Cassidy?” Daniela said selfishly.
“Who the hell are you?” Tyler accused. “I thought you were her best friend?”
“Oh fine. Have it your way.” Daniela said with irritation.
As Tyler left Daniela alone on the bed, Daniela felt hurt that Cassidy always seemed to win.
“Damn you, Cassidy!” Daniela said. “You won’t win this!”
Chapter 7
Daniela was left to sulk after Tyler fled to the hospital to see Cassidy. When he got there Cassidy was admitted to her room where she was resting peacefully. Or so the doctors and nurses thought. But Cassidy was having anything but a peaceful sleep. Despite being in a coma, Cassidy was wracked with nightmares that Tyler had left her for Daniela.
When Tyler held Cassidy’s hand, Cassidy’s eyes twitched. She wanted to wake up but something was preventing her from doing so.
Suddenly, Cassidy’s monitor started beeping and Cassidy was in cardiac arrest as doctors and nurses entered Cassidy’s room with a crash cart to begin CPR on Cassidy.
A nurse’s aide shuffled Tyler out of Cassidy’s room, despite Tyler’s objection to remain in the room.
Several minutes later—it seemed like an eternity to Tyler—the doctor came out to give Tyler the news:
“Cassidy was poisoned.”
“Poisoned?” Tyler asked in surprise. “Who would do that?” Then he thought of Daniela. Could she have done this?
“We have given your wife the antidote and are waiting to see if she responds to the treatment.” The doctor informed Tyler, just as Daniela arrived to check on her friend.
“Is Cassidy alright?” Daniela asked sweetly, almost too sweetly it made Tyler suspicious.
“Mr, Jenkins will give you the details.” The doctor told Daniela before walking away.
“Doctor, can I go see her?” Tyler asked the departing doctor.
Tyler felt a hand on his shoulder as Daniela tried to comfort him, but he pulled away from her.
“Leave me alone.”
“I just want to help.”
“After trying to seduce me?”
“I couldn’t help myself.” Daniela defended herself.
“I love my wife.”
“I know. And I’m sorry.”
“Well, if you’re so sorry then you’ll pack your things and leave our home.” Tyler lashed out at her.
“Okay. If that’s how you feel.”
Tyler didn’t say a word. He just left her standing there as he walked on to see Cassidy.
“Fine. Have it your way, Tyler! For now!” Daniela whispered to herself, as she went back to Tyler and Cassidy’s home and packed her things and then headed for a motel.
Chapter 8
Daniela didn’t feel the least bit sorry for her seduction attempt on Tyler. Cassidy deserved to lose Tyler and Daniela was determined to sleep with him and destroy Cassidy’s marriage, the way she destroyed her marriage.
Daniela flashed to the night before her husband, Stefan, and her fight the night before he died when he confronted her over what Cassidy had told him about cheating on him. It was a bitter fight between them that led to a heart attack that ultimately killed him.
It was from that moment on, that Daniela vowed revenge on Cassidy by seducing Tyler. She couldn’t believe that her best friend would rat her out about her one-night stand with an office worker. She told that secret to Cassidy in confidence. But little did Daniela know, it wasn’t Cassidy who told the secret to Daniela’s husband—the person who told Stefan not to tell Daniela who told him. That’s when Stefan lied and said it was Cassidy.
In an undisclosed location, a mystery figure was calculating his revenge as Daniela was driving to the hospital to visit Cassidy.
Daniela parked her car and checked in with the front desk at the hospital. Heading to Cassidy’s room, Daniela attempted to gain Cassidy’s forgiveness before Tyler could spill the beans about her seduction attempt.
And it was a good thing Tyler had to go to the office to meet with clients about their plans for the house he was designing for them.
“Cassidy.” Daniela said, knocking on Cassidy’s door.
“Daniela?” a groggy Cassidy said upon waking from a deep-drug –induced sleep.
“Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t visited. Been busy.”
“That’s okay.”
“So, how you been feeling.” Daniela said, breaking the ice between them.
“Lonely. I miss Tyler.” Cassidy said depressed.
“Well, I’m sure he’ll be by shortly.” Daniela encouraged her.
“Yeah.” Cassidy said unenthused after her and Tyler’s argument.
“Hey, he loves you.”
“Yeah. You think so?” Cassidy’s spirits perked up.
“Yeah. He told me so after a long discussion.”
Cassidy felt a little better after Daniela told her about Tyler.
“So, I just wanted to apologize for any inconvenience I may have cause you and Tyler?” Daniela told her.
“That’s okay. I forgive you.” Cassidy told her, as she fell for Daniela’s story.
“Friends?” Daniela said with crossed fingers behind her back.
“Friends.” Cassidy said as the two besties hugged each other.
“So when do you get to break this pop stand?”
“I don’t know. The doctor is due any time.”
“Well, when you do get out, what you say, we go for a burger and fries?” Daniela offered.
“Sounds good.” Cassidy agreed.
“Well, I’ll let you get some rest.” Daniela said as she headed for the door.
“Thanks, Dani.” Cassidy said before Daniela disappeared.
Daniela smiled knowing she had duped Cassidy into forgiving her. Cassidy was always a sucker for forgiveness. As Daniela got into her car and turned on the ignition, she was unaware that she was being followed.
Chapter 9
Daniela was driving back to Cassidy and Tyler’s home when she looked in the rearview mirror and noticed a police car with flashing red and blue lights. Pulling over to the side of the road, hoping the cop would pass her by, Daniela waited on the shoulder, since she wasn’t doing anything illegal.
But the car didn’t pass her by but pulled up behind her car. The officer got out of the car and walked up to Daniela’s window, tapping on it as Daniela rolled it down.
“Is anything wr—-“ Daniela started to say but was shocked when she realized who it was. “James?”
“Daniela, darling!”
“You’re dead?”
“No, Daniela, I’m not!”
“But how did you survive the fire?”
“I got out before the smoke and flames consumed me.”
“But, they found a body?”
“Well, obviously, it wasn’t mine!”
“I got to get going, James. I’m expected at a friend’s home.”
“Well, it was nice seeing you, Daniela.”
Daniela drove off creeped out that James was alive after she was sure he had died in the fire. Daniela got back to Cassidy and Tyler’s where Cassidy was recuperating from being in the hospital. She sensed Daniela was in a frantic mood when she came in to the living room.
“Dani, are you okay? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost?”
“I have.”
“My husband?! He’s alive!”
“What? James is alive? But you never said he died?”
“It was too hard to talk about, Cassie.” Daniela said, covering for her lie.
“How did you find out?”
“A cop pulled me over and when he walked to my car window, it was James.”
“I’m so sorry.”
Cassidy comforted Daniela, who was distraught at James’ sudden resurrection.
Meanwhile, back at a motel room, James stood in front of the bathroom mirror, laughing as he pulled off his mask, revealing an old classmate of Daniela and Cassidy’s, Jeremiah Tompkins, who was in town to seek revenge on Daniela for dissing him back in high school.

Pokemon Frenzy: The Journey

12-year-old Jared Coleman was addicted to Pokémon. His first video game was a Pokémon game and has collected Pokemon memorabilia and games since they first came out. But when the latest Pokémon Go virtual game comes out, Jared downloads the app without hesitation. And he has one journey after another. What will Jared encounter on his Pokémon journey?
Chapter 1
“Hey, Jared, you got the new Pokémon app yet?” his best friend, Xavier Richmond asks.
“Not yet.” Jared says sadly. “But I will.”
“Dude, you have to do it now.”
“But we’re in school?” Jared reminds his friend.
“So! Who cares?” Xavier says, tempting Jared. “Mrs. Springer’s literature class is boring. She’ll never notice.”
“I’ll do it after class.” Jared promises.
“C’mon! It’s the latest craze!”
“Okay.” Jared says giving in as he pulls out his Apple iPhone 6s and pulls up Google Play to download the Pokemon Go! App.
A few minutes later, Jared’s iPhone lets him know the app is successfully downloaded.
“Success!” Jared whispers in Xavier’s direction with a thumb up, who smiles back.
“We’ll play on our way home from school.” Xavier tells Jared.
Just then, Mrs. Springer notices Jared and Xavier talking to them and calls on them.
“Jared, who is the narrator of the “Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart?’” Mrs. Springer asks as the class is in discussion.
“Ah. . . . .” Jared stammers.
“It figures. You two boys weren’t paying attention to the discussion.”Mrs. Springer scolds. “You and Xavier are to report to detention after school.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Xavier and Jared says simultaneously as they nod in agreement.
The bell rings signaling the end of the school day.
“Xavier. Jared. I mean what I say. Report to detention immediately.” Mrs. Springer says to the two boys.
“Yes, Mrs. Springer.” Jared tells her as he and Xavier pick up their books and head to their lockers to get their backpacks and head to detention.
“I can’t believe we got detention for not paying attention in class.” Xavier says.
“Hey, be thankful she didn’t take our phones away for playing with them in class.” Jared reminded his friend.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Xavier said, nodding in agreement.
Jared and Xavier enter Room 130 where detention was being held. The two boys groaned when they saw it was heading the detention for the day: Old Croaker as students referred to him, Mr. Coughlin was his real name and students didn’t care for his teaching methods.
“Boys, you’re late.” Mr. Coughlin stated when Jared and Xavier arrived.
“Sorry, Old Cro—“Xavier started to say but bit his tongue. “Er, Mr. Coughlin.”
“Take a seat, boys.” Mr. Coughlin demanded. “For being tardy, you two are to do an essay on the topic of our science lesson, Mendelssohn’s genetic theory, which will be due tomorrow in science class.
“Yes, Mr. Coughlin.” Jared said as Xavier nodded in agreement.
As the boys studied for the hour in detention, the bell finally rang as Jared and Xavier began to get up, but before they could get out, Mr. Coughlin reminded them both of their assignment for being tardy.

Walking home after detention, Jared pulled out his iPhone and opened up the app to Pokémon Go! As Xavier did the same. Immediately, Jared got a Bulbasaur.
“Wow! Xavier, I got Bulbasaur!” Jared exclaimed.
“You lucky dude!” Xavier said with jealousy. It took Xavier an hour to get his first Pokémon.
The boys played the game while walking home and were 2 hours late when they arrived at Jared’s house. Jared’s mother was a more than a little mad when Jared walked in the door.
Chapter 2
“Playing that game again?!” Jared’s mother said a little irritated.
“Sorry mom!” was all Jared could find to say.
“Don’t sorry me!” Jared’s mother yelled. “Get up to your room now!”
“Yes, mom.” Jared said as he climbed the stairs to his room.
“And after I decide to call you down, we’ll discuss your behavior!” Jared’s mother called up after him.
Jared opened the door to his room to find it a mess. Was this the reason why his mother was so mad at him? Jared wondered. Jared sat down on his messy bed and picked up his iPhone to play Pokémon Go!
“Oh no you don’t!” Jared’s mother said, as she opened Jared’s bedroom door and grabbed his iPhone. “I knew you would start playing that silly game!”
Jared reached for his laptop, but his mother took that with her too.
“No technology for you!” Jared’s mother spat out. “Pick up this room instead!”
As Jared looked at the mess in his room, he sighed as he would have a technology-free night. What was he going to do? He couldn’t live without his iPhone. His very world depended on it. Gaming was his life! He knew no other way to live!
So he pushed everything off his bed onto the floor and went to sleep until his mother called him out of his room. He’d be damned if he was going to pick up his room.
Chapter 3
“Mom, I need my iPhone!” Jared yelled from his room where he was supposed to pick up his room, but he didn’t want to. He wanted his iPhone back.
“Pick up your room and you can have it back!” Jared’s mother yelled back at him.
Begrudgingly, Jared began picking up his room. Yes, he gave in. It’s was the only way he could get his iPhone back. And he needed to meet the gang at the park so they could play Pokemon Go.
After a miserable 15 minutes, Jared finally had his room picked up and as promised, and against her wishes, Jared’s mother gave back Jared his phone.
“Thank you mom.” Jared hugged his mother as he grabbed the phone from his mother’s hand and ran out the front door to meet his friends at the park.
20 minutes later, Jared found his friends waiting for him at their “bench” in the park.
“Hey man. What took you so long?” Chase asked him.
“Would you believe my mother made me clean my room first?!” he told him irritated.
“Oh, man, the horror!” Chase said. “That’s rough.”
Jared turned on his phone and pulled up the Pokemon Go app and they were on the lookout for Pokemon. Their first discovery led them just 20 yards away where they encountered Bulbasur.
Chapter 4
It took a few minutes, but Jared finally had Bulbasur captured. His friends were not so lucky. While looking at his phone playing the game, Xavier ran into the street when the game directed him to go and didn’t see the oncoming car and was hit.
Jared dropped his iPhone on the ground and ran to see if Xavier was okay. Running over to where he dropped his iPhone, and luckily, it was okay, called 9-1-1 to have EMTs dispatched to the park.
Jared waited near Xavier until paramedics arrived to tend to the boy’s injuries while Jared watched.
Conscious and awake, it seemed Xavier only sustained a few broken ribs and a broken leg and arm. Paramedics put Xavier on a gurney and loaded him into the ambulance where he was taken to the hospital.
Jared called Xavier’s mother so she could meet him at the hospital.
Jared and his mother, who Jared called to meet him at the hospital, were at the hospital when Mrs. Springer arrived at the hospital in a frantic state.
“How is my son?” Mrs. Springer asked a nurse at the nurses station.
“Joanne Springer. My son, Xavier Springer was brought in.”
“Yes, he’s in cubicle 3.” The nurse told Mrs. Springer abruptly as she rushed off to another patient.
Mrs. Springer went into see her son, who was in fine spirits despite Mrs. Springer’s mood.
“Mrs. Coleman, I’d like a word with you?!” Mrs. Springer said bitterly to Jared’s mother.
“Is Xavier alright?”
“Yes! No thanks to that stupid game!”
“You’re blaming that Pokemon game on Xavier’s accident?”
“No! I’m blaming your son!”
“What has Jared got to do with Xavier’s accident?”
“He got him hooked on that stupid game, Pokemon Go!” Mrs. Springer yelled at Jared and his mother. “He was looking at his iPhone playing that game when he was struck by a car!”
“Mrs. Springer, I see where you are coming from.” Mrs. Coleman said sympathetically, as she glared at Jared. “Jared, give me your iPhone.”
“But mom!” Jared whined.
“A whole week without his iPhone! What was he going to do now?!” Jared fumed.


Red Yellow
Fragrant Aromatic Silky
Romantic Beautiful Thorny Soft

Romantic Passionate
Caring Loving Trusting
Faithful Hopeful Sweet Sexy

Falling leaves
Cool winding breeze
Trees naked leaves gone

Hot sunny
Cool brisk lake
Burning sand on the feet

Vampire Killer Chronicles


Kyra decided to retire early so she could get some rest before she started her new job in the morning as personal assistant to billionaire Jedidiah Worthington. This new job promised to give her the exposure that she wanted as freelance publicist and to show the world her independence. But instead, the news came on with a special report: VAMPIRES AT THE WHITE HOUSE! Kyra listened to the report, but somehow didn’t believe it. How could there be vampires at the White House?, she thought. But there it was on national television for the whole country to see. The report claimed that our President and his family had been bitten by a plague of vampires.

Suddenly, Kyra jumped at the sound of her ringing cell. She missed the call because she dropped her cell as she was trying to answer it. She went into her missed calls to see who it was and it was her new boss, Jedidiah. She scrolled down to his number and pushed send to see what her boss wanted.

Jedidiah picked up on the first ring, “Hello.”

“Jedidiah, it’s Kyra. I was returning your call?’

“Yes, Kyra. I was calling you to let you know that you have the next flight to Washington D.C. in an hour. I want you in Washington to cover this story.”

“Do you really think this is true, Jed?”

“I don’t know, Kyra, but you better get there yesterday!”

“Okay, Boss. I’ll get a bag packed and head to the airport.”

Kyra hung up her cell and got a few things in her suitcase so she could be on the flight. She still could not believe there were vampires at the White House.


Kyra was just getting into her seat on the plane when a good-looking gentleman came up and asked if he could sit with her even though there were plenty of other seats still left on the plane. Reluctantly, Kyra said yes. The gentleman immediately sat down in the seat next to her. The good-looking stranger couldn’t take his eyes off her. He noticed her the minute he saw her at the ticket counter before she got on the flight. Her beauty urged him to buy a last-minute ticket wherever she was headed.

“Hello, Beauty, the names Jared. May I just call you Beauty?”

Disgusted, Kyra replied back, “No sir, my name is Kyra.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you, but you’re so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off you. I even bought a last-minute ticket the minute I saw you at the ticket counter.”

“Do you always buy last-minute tickets for flights whenever you see a beautiful girl?” Kyra asked, not believing the line he just pulled on her.

“First time I’ve ever done this…honest. I’m shocked I even did it.”

“Well, I’m going nowhere special. Just meeting my boss in Washington D.C. Something about vampires.”

“Oh, really?”

Jared starts to feel his fangs forming inside his mouth and tries to suppress them from coming out. When he fails to do so, he immediately excuses himself and runs to the restroom. Kyra is mystified by this stranger’s behavior, but shrugs it off.


Later, that night, after Kyra got settled into her motel in Washington D.C., she walks to the diner named “Candie’s” just a few doors down from her motel. She orders a BLT sandwich with fries, a 7-UP, and some ketchup for her fries. The server comes out with her order and asks her if there is anything else she can get her. Kyra tells her she is fine. All Kyra wants to do is eat dinner and go back to the motel.

Kyra gets back to the motel, opens up the blankets of her bed, then goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Kyra is bushed and just wants to get some sleep so she can talk with her boss in the morning.

As Kyra falls fast asleep, she has a disturbing dream about her grandmother, Sukie. She tells her not to go to her boss in the morning. He has been bitten by the vampires and is now one of them. Instead, she tells her to find a gentleman named Gerald Thomas. He has been looking for her and will explain everything when she finds him. Then, suddenly, with a jolt, Kyra awakens from her dream.

Kyra realizes it is morning and remembers what her grandmother told her about not meeting with her boss because he is now one of them. Instead she checks the phone listing for the name of the man her grandmother mentioned in her dream. She found one in the listing and dialed the number. A man’s voice answered.


“Yes, is this Gerald Thomas?”

“Yes, it is. Who’s calling?”

“My name is Kyra and this probably going to sound strange, but I was asked to contact you.”

“Is this Kyra Levine?”


“Kyra, yes. I’ve been looking for you for years.”

“Yes, that’s what my grandmother told me.”

“Well, where can I pick you up?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

“Where can I pick you up so we can get started on your training?”

“My training?”

“Yes, I’m what they call ‘The Watcher,’ and you, Kyra, are the next vampire slayer.”

“The next what?”

“Yes, I’m supposed to train you to be the next vampire slayer.”

Gerald hears a loud thump on the other end of the line as Kyra faints and falls.

A few minutes later, Kyra wakes up to hear Gerald shouting from the other end of the phone line.

“Kyra, are you okay?”

“Gerald, are you still there?” as Kyra picks up her cell.

“What happened?”

“I guess I fainted. The last thing I remember is you telling me I need to start my training as the next vampire slayer. Is that right?”

“Yes, Kyra. You are the next vampire slayer, and we need to get to work on your training so you can banish these creatures back to hell where they came from.”

Kyra tells Gerald the name of the motel she is staying at and he tells her to be packed by the time he arrives. Gerald is there within 20 minutes and he gets her into his car and they drive to his estate, shows her to her room, tells her to get settled so they can get started on her training. Kyra can’t believe that she is the next vampire slayer, so she does an internet search and finds out that she comes from a long line of vampire slayers where the women in her family have been trained to slay vampires, the last one being her own mother.


Kyra can’t believe that her mother was a vampire slayer. She remembered that her mother died about five years ago, but no one really ever told her how she died, however, her father did mention that her mother had died in a freak car accident. She opened her laptop and googled her mother’s name. She hit pay-dirt with the first listing with an article by Jerry Smithers, writing about her mother’s death. There it was in black in white, “Vampire Slayer, Tasha Levine, Killed by Vampires!” She was shocked to read the article.

Kyra couldn’t sleep. All she could do was think about how her mother really died. Finally, after mulling it over for an hour, Kyra fell asleep. She was in a heavy dream, recalling the events of how her mother died. In the dream, Tasha was fighting with Vampire head honcho, Jared LeBlanc. Tasha seemed to have the edge over Jared, and was about to slay him, when Jared pulled a fast one on her and turned the spike on Tasha. Tasha died immediately. When Kyra saw how her mother had died, she awakened right away.

Kyra was still asleep when she was awakened by a loud rap on her bedroom door. She jumped out of bed, and wrapped a robe around her, then walked to bedroom door and opened it. It was Gerald.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I thought we should get started on your training.” Gerald walked into her room as soon as Kyra opened the door.

“No, Mr. Thomas, it’s okay.”

“Please, call me Gerald. After all, we will be working closely together.”

“Yes, Mr., er, Gerald. I had a rough night last night.”

“Oh! You didn’t have a dream about your mother, did you?”

“How did you know?”

“I was walking by your door last night, and I heard you cry out. I knew that you must be dreaming about your mother.”

“I never knew she was a vampire slayer. I was told she died in a car accident.”

“Yes, your father and I thought it would be best at the time if you weren’t told of the real details of your mother’s death. After your mother’s death, your father was so depressed that he took you away. That’s when I lost touch with you. I knew one day I would have to train you to be the next vampire slayer, and your father wanted you to have nothing to do with it, so he took you far away from Washington D.C.”

“Dad knew?”

“Yes, he did. That’s why I couldn’t find you. It’s taken me five years to find you. We need to act fast. The vampires at the White House have taken over the President’s family and turned them into vampires.”

And so, Kyra and Gerald began immediately to train her for her job as vampire slayer. She couldn’t believe that her father knew the truth about her mother’s death and he never told her. She would have to have a talk with him soon about it. For now, she had to train to fight vampires.


Gerald woke Kyra up the next morning around 10 with a special breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast with jam and butter and some milk to wash it down. Kyra had a busy night training for her job as vampire slayer and had work really hard the night before, so Gerald thought it best to let Kyra sleep a little longer in the morning.

“Good morning!” Gerald exclaimed, coming in Kyra’s bedroom with her breakfast.

Rubbing her eyes, “What time is it?”

“it’s 10 a.m. I thought I’d let you sleep a while longer. You worked so hard with your training. I thought you needed some extra rest.”

“What’s this?” Kyra asked, sounding surprised as Gerald placed the tray of eggs, bacon, toast and milk over her lap.

“I made you some breakfast. I thought you might like some breakfast in bed before you got a shower and got ready for the day.”

“Thank you, Gerald. You didn’t have to do that.”

“Well, I’ll let you eat and finish getting ready. Then we’ll get started on today’s training.” Gerald said as he left Kyra to eat her breakfast.

After Kyra finished eating Gerald’s wonderful breakfast, she grabbed her favorite pink blouse and gray skirt, some underclothes, pink socks, and her favorite sandals, she went down the hall to shower before starting her training. She had just finished showering as was getting out of the shower, when Gerald frantically knocked on the bathroom door. Kyra wrapped her bath towel around her and opened the door.

“What’s wrong, Gerald?”

“Get dressed quickly! There’s no time to do anymore training! You’ll have to make good on what I’ve taught you so far!” Gerald explained.

“What happened?”

“We have trouble at Smithsonian? Jared LeBlanc and his evil crew of vampires have just attacked and bitten more innocent victims.”

“I’ll get dressed and be down quickly.”

“I’ll see you in the car in a few minutes. Hurry! We have no time to waste.”

Kyra dresses quickly in the clothes she picked out earlier. She wished she had more time to practice her skills, but I guess Jared LeBlanc had other plans in mind. She would just have to remember what Gerald trained her and hope for the best. She wasn’t sure she could take this on, but Gerald seemed to have faith in her abilities. She just hoped he was right.


When Kyra got to the Smithsonian, Jared had already left a bloody trail of victims lying everywhere inside and outside the Smithsonian. Kyra went on a rampage looking for Jared. She shuddered as she saw body after body while looking for Jared. Just as it looked as if Jared was nowhere to be found, she hears Gerald calling for her. She turns around and finds Jared holding Gerald by the neck just about to bite him in the neck. Enraged, Kyra runs towards Jared but misses as he dodges her and she runs straight into the wall of the north side of the Smithsonian.

By this time, Jared is turned onto Kyra’s feistiness and engages in some head games with her.

“So, Kyra, why don’t you come over to the dark side.” Jared taunts her.

“I’d rather spit nails.” Kyra spits back.

“Oh, c’mon! It’s not that bad. Just think about it; eternal life. Doesn’t living forever mean something to you?” Jared question Kyra.

“Yes, it does. It means your one sick vampire and I don’t want no part of your world.”

“Well, too late, my dear. You’re already part of it.”

“What do you mean?” Kyra asked Jared, puzzled.

“I mean, you’re the vampire slayer. It’s your duty to slay vampires. You can’t rest ‘til every last one of us are dead.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Well, Kyra——-do your job and come and get me.” Jared taunted her.

And just as Kyra was about to swing her mother’s sword at him, Jared disappeared, leaving Kyra alone. She ran over to Gerald who was okay, but dazed from loss of blood where Jared b it him. Kyra panicked when she saw the hole in his neck. Gerald reassured her he was okay. That Jared only sucked just enough to make him pass out. It was right here at this moment that Kyra vowed vengeance on Jared and his gang of vampires.


Jared was met by his legion of vampires after he left mysteriously disappeared and left Kyra and Gerald.

“Why didn’t you kill this Kyra?” The legion asked Jared.

“Would you believe that I enjoy taunting her?” Jared answered them with a question.

“You said you would take her out tonight!” The other vampires were getting mad at Jared’s sloppiness. “You took out her grandmother and her mother. Why is it so hard for you to take out Krya?”

“She outsmarted me.” Jared lied. “As soon as I saw she was going to swing that sword at me, I knew I as done in. The only thing I could do was was disappear mysteriously.”

“Well, I guess we’ll let it go this time.” The legion told him. “Don’t let it happen again.”

They left Jared to himself. Jared couldn’t believe he let Kyra get the best of him. He enjoyed taunting her. He never taunted any slayer the way he enjoyed taunting Kyra. The other slayers he’s killed were easy prey. But Kyra, he should have been able to kill her. But something kept inside him kept him from doing so. Jared knew that if faced with the possibility of killing Kyra, he knew deep in his heart, he would fail again.


Kyra was training really hard now. She couldn’t believe that Jared pulled a fast one and disappeared right before her eyes. She would win, Kyra told herself. She would kill Jared to avenge her mother’s and her grandmother’s deaths. She would make sure of it. Jared would die at her hands, or sword.

Chapter 8

Kyra was training vigorously with Gerald when she got an unexpected visitor. Gerald’s butler, James, came downstairs to the basement and knocked on the door to Gerald’s gym.

“Sir, Miss Kyra has a visitor.” James says, opening the door to the gym.

“Who is it, James?” Gerald asks. “We’re a little busy right now.”

“It’s Miss Kyra’s father.”

Seeing the shocked look on Kyra’s face, Gerald covers, “James, have him wait upstairs for her.”

“Okay.” James goes back upstairs and informs Mr. Levine to have a seat in the sitting room where Miss Kyra will join him shortly.

Kyra has wanted to speak with her father ever since she found out the truth about her mother’s death. But she was afraid of confronting him with the truth. Kyra always thought of her relationship with her father to be fairly close, but ever since the truth came out, Kyra felt estranged from him.

Gerald helped Kyra contain her composure enough to be able to confront her father. As soon as she felt in control, Kyra headed upstairs to finally confront her father.

“Hello, Daddy.” Kyra said as soon as she got upstairs to the sitting room.

“Kyra, darling.” her father said, when he saw her for the first time in years. “Sweetheart, I heard the news and I knew I had to come see you.”

“Daddy, why did you lie about mother’s death?” Kyra asked.

“I-I-I-I don’t know?” Mr. Levine stammered. “I was afraid, I guess.”

“Didn’t you think I could handle the truth?” Kyra asked.

“Kyra, darling. You have to understand. I never cared for your mother’s job as slayer. I always had a fear of losing her and when it came true and Jared killed her. . . . . “

“Daddy, I understand. I just wish you could have trusted me with the truth.” Kyra told him.

“Darling, I had just lost your mother. I couldn’t lose you too. I knew that with your mother’s death, Gerald would be by to take you away and teach you your slayer duties. So I took you far away so Gerald wouldn’t find you.”

Kyra just went over and hugged her father. They both held each other for several minutes.

“I know now that I was wrong. If I had just let Gerald do his job and train you, Jared would never have been able to wreak his havoc on the White House.”

“Oh Daddy. It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known.” Kyra said, giving him another hug.

Gerald had just come into the sitting room with some tea and his mother’s home-made scones. “Kyra’s right, Mr. Levine. I don’t blame you for what you did. If faced with the similar situation, I probably would have done the same thing.”

“Thank you, Gerald.” Mr. Levine said, feeling a little better.

They all enjoyed the tea and scones, getting better acquainted since the death of Kyra’s mother.

Back at Jared’s coffin in his family’s mausoleum, Jared is lying his coffin trying to come up with his next plan and somehow convince his vampire minions not to kill Kyra. He had to get over this obsession with Kyra. He didn’t know what it was, but he enjoyed taunting Kyra. She brought something out in him. He loved the thrill of taunting Kyra. Killing her was wrong. He was suddenly afraid of his legion of vampires. They wanted Kyra dead, but Jared didn’t. He had to somehow convince the legion that killing Kyra was no longer the plan. It wouldn’t be easy, but somehow he had to convince them.

Chapter 9

Jared’s POV:

Jared held a meeting in his lair in order to convince his minions how important it was not to kill Kyra without revealing his secret: that he was in love with her, just like he was in love with her mother. Jared never wanted Kyra’s mother dead, but his vampire minions led a revolt and killed Tasha when Jared failed to do so.

Tasha wasn’t killed in a car accident as everyone was led to believe.

As hard as it was to fight his growing feelings for Kyra, he could no longer deny them. But he knew he could never have her, for if he did, the truth might come out about what really happened to her mother. And Jared couldn’t risk Kyra hating him forever.

Jared did manage to convince his minions not to kill Kyra. . .or so Jared thought. . .

Jared’s minions held a meeting without him. They all felt it was time to make Jared step down from lead vampire. He was getting sloppy in his work since Kyra Levine came into the picture. It was happening all over again. The vampires knew they had to kill Kyra in order for their kind to survive and Jared was once again, in the way. The vampire minions had to do away with Krya.

Back at Gerald’s house, Kyra was enjoying some bonding time with her father before he had to go back home, when Gerald interrupted them.

“Kyra, I’m sorry to interrupt your last few moments with your father before he leaves. . .” Gerald apologized. “. . .but I’m afraid we need to be going.”

“What is it, Gerald?” Kyra asked.

“There’s trouble at the mall in Washington, D.C.” Gerald told her. “Vampires have began wreaking havoc on shoppers.”

“Jared is behind this.” Kyra said. “I’ll bet my life on it! I’m sorry, Daddy, but it looks as if I have to go.”

“Don’t apologize, darling.” Mr. Levine told his daughter.

As Mr. Levine kissed his daughter good-bye, Kyra grabbed her slayer tools and left with Gerald in his car, heading to the shopping mall to stop Jared and the vampires from killing innocent shoppers.

When Gerald and Kyra arrived at the shopping mall, Kyra was surprised to see that Jared was on where in sight. She wondered what he was up to when she couldn’t find Jared. She knew Jared was behind this mess but Kyra was about to get the shock of her life.

Chapter 10

As Kyra jumped in and fought the vampire minions, who were hell bent on killing her, Kyra kept wondering where Jared was. It wasn’t like him not to be involved in this. Something was up with Jared, but Kyra couldn’t figure out what it was.

Kyra managed to kill off the vampires, all but one: the mastermind behind the shopping mall battle meant to draw out Kyra so he could kill Kyra, the one who wanted her dead because Jared failed in getting rid of Kyra.

As Kyra was battling with the mastermind, Seamus, she heard Gerald scream. When she turned her head, Kyra was surprised to find Jared holding Gerald, with his fangs against his neck.

“Seamus, back away.” Jared ordered.

“What are you going to do, Jared?” Seamus mocked him. “Kill him?”

“Just let Kyra go, or I will kill this man!”

“Yeah, right, Jared!” Seamus laughed. “You failed to kill Kyra like we wanted! What makes me think you will kill him?”

“I had my reasons for not killing Kyra!”

“You’re in love with Kyra!” Seamus revealed. “Just like her mother!”

“That’s not true!” Jared lied, trying to deny the truth.

“You’re in love with Kyra just like her mother!” Seamus confessed. “You don’t want the same thing to happen to Kyra that happened to mother!”

Jared was angry now. He let loose of Gerald and went straight for Seamus, knocking Kyra out of the way. Kyra was more confused than ever by Jared’s behavior. And she couldn’t believe the story from Seamus. Jared was in love with her? Just like he was with her mother? And just how did her mother really die? Kyra wondered.

As Kyra watched Jared go after Seamus, Jared managed to thwart Seamus’ plan of killing Kyra―for now. But the war was not over. Kyra needed to die, just like her mother. But for now, Seamus needed to find some more vampires, since Kyra killed the others.

As Seamus got away from Jared’s clutches, Kyra looked at Jared with new eyes. But Jared couldn’t look Kyra in the eye, and walked away, leaving Kyra and Gerald baffled.

Chapter 11

Seamus woke in a dungeon in Jared’s basement after he had thwarted Seamus’ attempt to kill Kyra. Jared couldn’t let on the real reason he saved Kyra—that he had fallen in love with her and even argued with Seamus when he went to his dungeon cell.

“What is bloody wrong with you?!”

“It was not time to kill the girl.” Jared covered for his real reason.

“Don’t you know who she is?”

“Yes, I know she is the daughter of the slayer who killed our gang?”

“Then tell me again…why you let her go?”

“It wasn’t her time!”

Jared left and let it sink in and went back to his coffin as it was getting to be daylight. He had to protect Kyra from Seamus and his band of vampires.

Meanwhile, Kyra was waking up as she remembered how Jared saved her from Seamus nearly killing her after she killed the other vampires. She hoped they both left because she vowed if she saw them again, they would be killed. Kyra didn’t care if Jared saved her life. He was still vampire and he need to die!

Back in the basement dungeon, Seamus had found a way out of his prison and out when Jared came by to check on him later that evening.

“Damn you!” Jared muttered angrily.

Jared needed to find Seamus before he found Kyra and killed her.

The Phantom Man

This story came to me in a dream I had last night and upon waking up, I started Chapter 1.

Chapter 1
The day had began just like any day. Gray, overcast clouds had hung in the sky. I was sitting outside in my lawn chair, drinking a cup of coffee—my usual morning routine. A haggard, old man who appeared from nowhere came up to me and asked for a spot to sleep.
He looked like he hadn’t had any sleep in days, so, in my generosity, I offered him a room to sleep. He seemed relieved as I showed him inside and up the stairs to a room on the corner of my two-story home.
As soon as the old man’s head hit the pillow, he was asleep instantly. As I headed back down stairs to my chair on the front porch, that’s when things went crazy. A young woman in her 20s happened by and seeing my generosity with the old man, assumed I would give her a place to sleep too.
Not wanting to disappoint, I too led her inside and up the stairs to a room next to the room the old man was sleeping in.
Little did I know the horror that would come just by being generous….
As soon as I sat down in my lawn chair to do some reading and finish my coffee, I jumped out of my chair when I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran inside and up the stairs to the room the woman had been sleeping in, when I found her dead in the bed.
I immediately went to check on the old man in the next room and he was sleeping soundly like a rock. I shook him to wake him and he wouldn’t budge.
I then went down stairs and called the police about the dead woman in my home.
When police and investigators arrived at my home, they questioned me profusely for hours. My home was now a murder scene and I could not offer any guests a place to stay until after their investigation was over.
As I went over my story with the officers, one thing came to mind—after the death of the woman, I saw a strange black fabric appear on the floor outside of the door to the woman’s room, then disappear soon after…a fact I withheld from the officers, not thinking it was a substantial piece of evidence.
When the officers finished interrogating me, they closed of my home so guests would be deterred from coming by my home. It would be a while before I found myself offering someone a place to sleep because the untimely death would haunt me for days, as I wondered what happened to the woman?